European Football – Financial Fair Play Survey

29th July, 2011

Financial Fair Play Survey

Some of you may already have heard of UEFA’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ initiative aimed at stabilising European club football and preserving / enhancing its appeal.

‘Financial Fair Play’ has a range of objectives, including: to stop clubs paying excessive salaries and transfer fees; to promote investment in youth development and playing infrastructure; and to prevent clubs from financial collapse.

To complement this initiative the plan now is to run a research project looking into football fans’ opinions on ‘Financial Fair Play’. The intention is that the results of this survey will contribute to making the UEFA ‘Financial Fair Play’ initiative potentially even better.

We would be delighted if as many of you as possible would like to take part in this survey and thus play a part in improving European club football.

In order to be able take into account the views and interests of football fans from the whole of Europe, the survey is being conducted on a pan-European basis.

Completing the questionnaire only takes about 12 minutes. You can access it here.

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