Trust reaction to EPPP

20th October, 2011

CPST was saddened but not surprised to see the EPPP being voted for by a majority of 46 to 22 by Football League members this afternoon. We understand from press reports that CPFC were one of the clubs that voted against it.

 The Academy is one of the cornerstones of this club, and its success, particularly recently, has bound the club, players, and fans closer together. Sustainability is the future for CPFC, and the development of the Academy is key to this. The Trust’s Training Ground project is looking to develop and improve Academy facilities still further in order to help the club continue to produce such great talents as Wilfried Zaha, Jon Williams, and Sean Scannell. Any threat to the Academy from the Premier League and the EPPP deal is extremely concerning, and it is hoped that CPFC will quickly clarify the impact of this deal on the club so that the fans can understand the implications of EPPP.

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