Training Ground Survey

10th November, 2011

It would really assist us if you could spend a little time filling out this short survey about the training ground project.

If you complete the survey, including your name and contact details, you will be entered in a draw to win one of the shirts worn by the palace squad during administration in 2010, at the game sponsored by the Supporters’ Trust – where the GAC sponsorship logo was replaced by the Trust logo.

To enter the draw, please complete the survey by 21st November 2011.

Before you start the survey, a few facts about the project:

  • Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust have been asked by the owners of Crystal Palace Football Club to identify a location for a new training ground for the first team, development squad and academy, which will replace the current training ground at Beckenham when the lease on it runs out in 2013. (The Beckenham Ground was previously owned by CPFC, but was sold to a developer and leased back at a high rent with a short lease.)
  • The proposal is that fans, through the Trust, will have the opportunity to have a real stake in the long-term future of the club by owning the Training Ground and leasing it at a fair rent to CPFC. As the Trust, on behalf of fans, will own the facility, the coaching staff and players won’t have to worry about unreasonable rent increases, or the possibility of having to find an alternative training ground every few years.
  • The scheme will be funded by asking fans to buy a loan note  in the scheme, which will be used to buy or acquire on a long lease (125 years) some land and build a training ground. More information about loan notes will appear on our website and in the brochure promoting the project, which is due to be published shortly.
  • In return for their investment, we will provide a nominal return of about 3% after year three. This will be made up from the rent charged to CPFC, who will have a long-term lease on the facility.
  • Loan notes will start at £500, and then go up in multiples of £250. There will also be opportunities to contribute larger amounts, and to sponsor parts of the training ground.
  • A few sites have been identified, including Ashburton Playing Fields, which was initially offered by Croydon Council. However, some local residents have put up strong opposition, so this site may not end up being available, though it is by far the best location, situated adjacent to the Oasis Academy Shirley, where many CPFC Academy boys will be attending as part of a deal with the Club.

So how important is the trainin ground project to Crystal Palace Football Club?

Picture of Dougie Freedman

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to come together to make a real investment in the long-term future of the club we all love. I urge you to take part in this scheme – in whatever way you can. A state of the art training ground is something every manager dreams of, but one which is owned by the fans makes it so much better – it means that we can focus on the football – and not worry about whether our owners are going to have to negotiate a new lease with a landlord, it means that the uncertainty is removed.” – Dougie Freedman, Manager, Crystal Palace Football Club

Picture of Steve Parish “The training ground initiative is something I’ve been working on with Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust for over a year now. They have carried out extensive work to date, identifying sites and drawing up initial design proposals, working in partnership with the club. Now is the time to start turning the plans into a reality. This is your chance, as a fan, to secure a lasting future for our club. Whether you are able to invest a small or large amount into this scheme, read the brochure, dig deep and make it happen.” – Steve Parish, Co-Chairman, Crystal Palace Football Club

And now the survey …

Question 1

Before today, had you heard about the Training Ground project being run by Crystal Palace Supporters' Trust?

Question 2

Crystal Palace Supporters' Trust intend to fund the purchase of a training ground by issuing "loan notes" to fans. The proposal is that loan notes (which are similar to shares) will start at £500, and then rise in multiples of £250, The intention is then to lease the new training ground to Crystal Palace Football Club, and then pay interest to the loan note holders, in the region of 3%.

Would you be interested in purchasing a loan note?

Question 3

How much would you be prepared to invest in the training ground loan note scheme?

Question 4

Are you or is your company a corporate sponsor of Crystal Palace Football Club?

Question 4 b

Would your company be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of the Training Ground project?

Question 5

If the loan note scheme minimum value was £250, would you be more likely to take part?

Question 6

Are you a member of Crystal Palace Supporters' Trust

Question 7

Are you a season-ticket holder at Crystal Palace Football Club?

Question 8

Golden Eagles was a scheme run by Crystal Palace Football Club that offered regular prizes to supporters who paid a monthly subscription, with funds raised going directly to the youth development programme / Academy.

Would you be interested in contributing to a new Golden Eagles scheme administered by the Trust?

Question 9

If you have any comments or questions about the Training Ground project, please use the space below:

Please tell us your name
Please tell us your address, including your postcode:

Please provide us with a contact phone number:
And finally, can you provide us with your email address:
Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust will only use your personal information to contact you about the Training Ground Project and Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust. We will not pass on or sell your details to a third party.

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