Calvin shirt winner and Architect tender

17th January, 2012

Congratulations to Dave Donnelly who was the winner of the Calvin Andrew shirt as worn in his scoring performance in the 3-1 victory over Preston! Dave participated in completing the Trust survey that was available at the previous Family Day and online at the Trust’s new website.

The Trust has just completed the tender for architectural services for the Training Ground project. This was a very long and thorough process in which over twenty firms submitted applications. A working group was set up to go through each application and whittle this down to just five or so firms to present their ideas in person.

From these interviews the list was further reduced to two firms, with both being reinterviewed. The final decision was to award the tender to TP Bennett. This made sense from a financial perspective as fees were substantially reduced from the original fee, and their desire to work with us in this sector and their understanding of the tight budgets and cash-flows that we will be subject to shone through during the process.

We very much look forward to working with TP Bennett in the near future as we embark together on this exciting project.

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