2013 AGM minutes

4th October, 2013


(trading as the Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust)

Thursday 26th September 2012 at 7.00pm

Speroni’s Restaurant, Selhurst Park

  1. 1.       Q&A with Ben Garner

CPFC first team coach Ben Garner spoke for 45 minutes in a Q&A session with members on a wide variety of topics from the Academy to the current state of coaching. More details on this can be found on the Trust website (once written up). The Trust would like to thank Ben and the club for giving up his time so generously.

  1. 2.       Apologies for absence

There were apologies for absence from board members John Finn, Alan Lewis, Martin Howell, and Keith Powell.

  1. 3.       Minutes of the 2012 AGM minutes and matters arising

No matters were arising and the minutes were approved: proposed by Peter Hacker and seconded by Phillip Taylor, and accordingly approved by those present.

  1. 4.       Review of the 2010-13 Accounts

Furhad Zaidi (Treasurer) talked through the accounts.

There was little in terms of expenditure in the year; most costs related to the costs of valuation for the training ground, and costs involved in improving the website / sending out electronic newsletters etc.

The chairman pointed out that at this point in time the accounts, though finished, are technically still in draft form as they have not yet been examined and signed off by the independent auditor, as there have been issues with getting bank statements and other information from the Co-op bank. Once this is resolved, the accounts will be reviewed, sgined off, and be put on the Trust’s website.

The accounts as currently drafted and subject to approval of the independent auditor were proposed by John Morgan and seconded by Tim young, and accordingly approved by those present.

  1. 5.       Resolution to approve an Independent Examination, if appropriate and subject to the Society’s rules, instead of an audit of the Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014

The resolution was approved (proposed by Tim Young, seconded by Richard Wilsher).

  1. 6.       A Review of the Training Ground project

The chairman gave a summary of what had happened concerning the training ground project. The history of the project can be found on the Trust website. He believed that it was very much the correct decision for the club to purchase the Beckenham site when it suddenly became available for sale, and so brings all of the CPFC assets under the club Baord’s ownership. The Training ground project revealed to both club and Trust how difficult it is to find suitable land in the area against a background of high competition for land and planning issues. It was noted that KCC have been given permission to develop a section of their land for housing at Beckenham in order to fund ground improvements.

  1. 7.       A discussion on the future of the Trust

Now that the Training Ground project is on ice, the future direction fo the Trust was discussed. PISA and the Trust already work closely together on a number of issues (2 members of PISA are on the Trust Board), and Trust and PISA member Don Madgwick explained what PISA did. He also raised the possibility of the foundation of a Supporters Club  – something that would excite the fans into action. Such a club could deal with issues such as subsidizing away coaches, Palace on Tour Day, etc.

It was pointed out that most clubs have more than just two organisations and that there was definitely room for such a Club alongside the Trust/PISA. It was suggested that the Trust focus on building ever closer relations with the CPFC Foundation and helping that organization to raise its own profile with both fans and the local community. The Foundation is well funded, but perhaps awareness of its work needs to be raised.

Post Ben Garner’s views on coaching, it was suggested that the Trust could set aside some money that could be granted to coaches in Bromley and Croydon who wish to gain accredited FA coaching badges, thus raising local coaching standards and improving CPFC links in the community. This idea was widely supported by those present and will be looked into further.

  1. 8.       Elections to the Society Board

Richard Wilsher and Chris Waters were up for re-election to the Board, and were duly re-elected. No other nominations had been received.

  1. 9.       Any Other Business

The Chairman mentioned the recent passing of Trust member Lily Dennis, aged 102, and also thanked her for her sizeable donation to the Trust that she bequeathed in her will.

A tribute was also paid to Peter Morley, who also recently passed away. Peter was very supportive of the Trust in the 99/00 administration period, and was of immense service to the club. He was a true gentleman and a great ambassador for CPFC.

The issue of subs was raised: it was decided that future costs of the Trust in terms of projects will be publicly detailed to encourage subsequent renewal of subscriptions / donations.

There being no other business, the AGM was closed.

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