CPST and PISA statement

27th January, 2014

The Palace Independent Supporters’ Association (PISA) is to become part of the Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust, the organisations have announced.

The Trust will continue with its main aims and objectives of developing and strengthening bonds between Crystal Palace Football Club and the local community, promoting the involvement of supporters in the running of the club, and benefiting the community by promoting and encouraging the furtherance of the game of football.

With the addition of PISA’s information and campaigning interests and activities, the Trust will now cover some of the more direct interests of supporters related to a range of issues including catering, policing/stewarding, ticketing, stadium facilities, merchandise as well as wider footballing issues such as away travel, ticket prices, and safe standing.

Both PISA and the Trust have looked to work in partnership and influence a wide range of organisations and relevant parties in the interests of Crystal Palace supporters and football supporters generally.  This will continue under the wider responsibilities of the Trust.

The Trust constitution provides scope for the wider remit and enables PISA activities to benefit from Trust resources.

The Trust will form a sub-committee, reporting to the Board, which will be directly responsible for taking forward these key campaigning activities.  The sub-committee will involve existing PISA participants and some Trust Board members but other Crystal Palace supporters with an interest in promoting improvements for football supporters are most welcome to join.

Chairman Alan Palmer commented, “As the future of football is threatened by more and more issues that affect the lifeblood of the game and the supporters, it is crucial that the Trust focusses on helping to address these problems. PISA becoming part of the Trust with immediate effect will greatly enhance the Trust’s capability to do so.”

The Trust is also keen to increase its membership and would encourage Crystal Palace supporters to join the Trust to help strengthen the influence and importance of the Trust and supporters’ interests. Please see the website for how you can join and participate.

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