CPST submission to FA regarding proposed name change of Hull City AFC

27th January, 2014

FA Submission: proposed name change of Hull City AFC to ‘Hull Tigers’



History, Community and Culture

  • As supporters of a club with a proud history and tradition, we were shocked and disappointed to hear about the potential plight of one of our fellow Premier League clubs, i.e. the proposal of Hull City AFC owner, Assem Allam, to change the name of their club to ‘Hull Tigers’.
  • We extend our sympathies to Hull supporters at this time and we wish to lend our support.
  • The proposal to change the name of Hull City AFC would go against the community-based principles, as well as the history and traditions, of Hull City and British football as a whole.
  • The name of any football club is integral to the culture of the club, the surrounding area and the community’s identity.
  • Like Crystal Palace FC, the name ‘Hull City AFC’ is a vital component in promoting community spirit in its local area.

Lack of Consultation

  • The quotes attributed to the Hull City AFC owner, Assem Allam, during the process of attempting to change the name of the club have been disrespectful at best and have failed to acknowledge the importance of the supporters.
  • The proposed name change has been submitted to the Football Association without any consultation with Hull City’s supporters, despite requests for this to take place.
  • Indeed, the move would appear to be ignoring the general view of Hull City fans – 95.1% of fans recently surveyed were against the proposed name change.


Lack of Evidence

  • The financial security of any football club is of paramount importance and Allam has suggested that the change to ‘Hull Tigers’ would help boost the club’s prospects in the Asian market.
  • However, there is no evidence to suggest that such a move would raise the profile of the club in the Asian market.
  • In fact, a precedent has recently been set as the decision of Cardiff City owner, Vincent Tam, to change his club’s shirt colour from blue to red does not appear to have had the desired effect in boosting the club’s profile in the Far East.
  • Furthermore, a name change is likely to alienate Hull’s current, local supporters.

A Dangerous Precedent

  • Changing the name of Hull City AFC would set a dangerous precedent in British football.
  • We believe that British football is an institution and each team is a part of the local area’s fabric – they are not franchises that can be re-named according to the latest fad, sponsorship deal or owner’s whim.
  • The Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust, in line with the views of Hull City supporters, recognises the importance of their football club in representing their community and cultural values. We strongly believe that changing the club’s name flies in the face of these values and we are keen to lend our support to Hull City AFC at this time.



  • The Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust believes any change to a football club’s name should be subject to an established and wide-ranging consultation process.
  • We urge the Football Association in the strongest possible terms to reject out of hand the proposal to change the name of Hull City to Hull Tigers.


About the Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust

  • Formed in 2000, as one of the earliest supporters’ trusts, the Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust is a democratic, mutual and not for profit organisation.
  • The Trust works to develop and strengthen the bonds between Crystal Palace Football Club and the local community.
  • We promote the constructive involvement of supporters in the running and direction of the Club.
  • We are members of Supporters Direct and develop links with supporters of other clubs.
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