SD receives response from FA Commission – statement

16th May, 2014


Supporters Direct has received a response to its submission to the FA Commission. Belated as this was, we were very pleased that the Commission has finally agreed to consider our views.


The reply from Commission Administrator, Peter Beverley, which came with an apology, was very gratefully received on Friday 9th May, and responded to by us on Monday 12th.


They have told us that our submission “will be put before the Commission,” and also that they’d “happily discuss other ways to input your views, as we continue the planned discussion and consideration of the options”. We have requested further information in this respect.


In our response, originally submitted in late December and again in January, we reminded the Commission of the strength of feeling against the proposals for B-teams, feeder leagues and ‘Strategic Loan Partnerships’ (as feeder clubs by the backdoor) and that simply reshaping those specific proposals would not be acceptable. The campaign itself has come from fans and grassroots activists themselves from the top of the Premier League to the park-pitches. We also believe that any of the sensible proposals are being overshadowed by the worst of them.


It is our view that there is a proper debate to be had about the Commission’s proposals, but that this debate must engage with the wider debate on the reform of both The FA and the wider game that the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and similar predecessor reports so clearly addressed.


It is vital to us that the power of the elite clubs can and must be addressed if a whole-game solution is to be found to the state of our national game – a national game that we have much to be proud of.



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