Affordable Football for All March, August 14th

5th August, 2014

Join the Football Supporters’ Federation and fans of dozens of clubs as we march on the Premier League and Football League headquarters demanding ‘Affordable Football for All’ on Thursday 14th August.


The game is swimming in money like never before, with clubs pocketing record amounts from broadcasting deals while squeezing everything they can out of their fanbase with some of the highest ticket prices in a generation, and something has to give.


Strength comes in numbers, so join our demonstration and march along with your fellow fans on 14th August. We will be gathering at Marble Arch (nearest tube station, unsurprisingly, Marble Arch on the Central Line) from 1pm before heading off to the Premier League and Football League offices at 30 Gloucester Place (W1U 8PL) at around 2:30pm.

It would be great if you could wear your own club colours and to bring you own banners, flags and plaque cards .

A delegation of fans will meet with the authorities, while leaders from a number of supporter groups will address the crowd back at Marble Arch at around 3.30pm.


To get involved please see the FSF website here for more information.

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