CPST statement regarding overseas 38th game proposal

9th October, 2014

As reported in the media yesterday, the Premier League is exploring the possibility of holding competitive matches overseas.

Instead of being the “39th game”, it is envisaged that such a fixture will be part of the 38 game regular season.

Once again the idea of potentially huge changes to the game has arisen without any consultation with one of the groups who matters most – the fans. Given the reaction to previous incarnations of ‘Game 39’ and the idea of matches abroad, we expect this proposal to be met with the strongest possible opposition from supporters.

The potential impact on the value of season tickets, which would see fans of half the Premier League clubs missing out a home match, could be enormous. Inevitably some of the fixtures to be moved will be either local derbies or other high-profile fixtures. Clubs are rooted in their local community, and every supporter should have the right to attend matches of their team at their local stadium.

The Trust stands shoulder to shoulder with other Supporters’ Trusts and The FSF in being resolutely against such a scheme, and will be working closely with other Trusts and fan bodies in a coordinated response to these plans.

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