Notes from meeting with CPFC, 4th June

22nd June, 2015

CPST recently met with Sharon Lacey, Supporters’ Liaison Officer at CPFC, to go through a number of issues raised by fans. The meeting was very constructive and it is  hoped that these meetings will become a regular occurrence in the future. The below notes cover the items that were discussed.

Away Season Tickets

These will be available as usual and with the same admin fee as before.

However certain rules will apply:-

 You must have 2000 loyalty points already to join the scheme

 You have to commit to going to every game but can opt out of 3 for holidays/Family commitments etc 

Anyone re-selling a ticket bought under the scheme will not be allowed to buy any future away tickets

This guarantees a seat to every away game.  


Loyalty Points

Details will be published on the website very soon of how they are awarded but to confirm points earned in the last championship season and the 2 last PL seasons will be carried forward.


Kids’ visit to training ground

Unfortunately there is limited space at the Training Ground and at the moment we have a huge amount of works being carried out there so this is not an option at the present time, our young fans are very important to us and we will certainly explore any activities we can that will help them engage with the club.


Open Day

Open Days have previously been a massive success however as you are aware we also have a lot of works being carried out at the ground so a pre-season open day is not an option at this time.


Fans Forum with owners/Alan



Coach company meeting re next season

CPFC to field any questions on coach service for next season and liaise with King’s Ferry accordingly


Away seat allocation

There have been no changes to the Premier League rules for away ticket purchases; these remain the same as previous seasons.



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