CPST statement regarding CPFC loyalty points scheme

23rd July, 2015

CPST, like the majority of supporters, is disappointed and concerned with the CPFC policy issued today on collecting loyalty points.

This policy seeks to reward those who spend money at the ground equally with those who commit considerable time and money to support the team at away games.

It cannot be right that someone who has purchased a shirt in the club shop, or had a few hot drinks / beers at games can be awarded more loyalty points as someone who has bought a ticket, travelled, and spent considerable additional money to go to an away game such as Sunderland.

This undermines the principle of fans being rewarded for their loyal support all over the country, and opens the way to supporters being able to “buy” themselves up to the top of the list for allocations to in-demand away matches by spending money on items at home games.

Furthermore CPST is concerned that points from previous seasons’ non-ticket purchases have been awarded sporadically both in terms of items being rewarded and in terms of which shop/bar at which fans bought items, further entrenching unfair distribution.

Poor promotion in past years has also impacted fans who would have otherwise been eligible for enhanced points through non-ticket purchases.

We will be urgently seeking clarification on this issue when meeting club officials next week.

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