CPST donate to Crystal Palace FC Foundation to boost football summer holiday programme in Croydon

5th August, 2015

The Crystal Palace FC Foundation would like to extend a huge thank you to the CPFC Supporters’ Trust for their generous two thousand pounds donation, which will be used to develop and expand a summer holiday programme for young people in the Borough of Croydon.

The scheme, entitled Soccer 5’s, is funded by the Croydon Council and run by Crystal Palace FC Foundation coaches at five sites across the borough. The aim is to give young people a safe, secure, and fun environment to enjoy sport outside of school provision.

The extra funding from the Supporters’ Trust has enabled the Foundation to hire a professional facility from which to run the holiday course. Weekly sessions have increased from 1 hour to 2 hours in order to offer the young people more time to engage and interact in a structured environment, whilst extending the chance to participate in organised/competitive sporting activity.

It has also allowed the Foundation to organise a ‘start of new school year’ tournament in which participants from all five sites will come together in an intra-league style competition.  This will take place on the first Saturday of the new school calendar and will be a chance for the young people to meet participants from other Soccer 5’s venues and compete to become Soccer 5’s champions.

The CPFC Foundation are committed to providing services for young people to engage in safe and structured sporting activity that is both beneficial for active and healthy living but also teaches other valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership and discipline. We are aware of the challenges facing the youth of today and believe that learning transferable skills as a youngster can be the springboard for exploring positive life choices and pathways in the future.

Kelly Dummer, Community Development Manager, commented, “It is essential that we work with local organisations and partners around the Club to provide structured activity for the young people of Croydon during holiday time. The contribution from the Supporters’ Trust will give the sessions a real boost and enable us to deliver on a professional sporting surface – a unique opportunity and rare treat for many of the youngsters.”

Alan Palmer, CPFC Supporters’ Trust Chairman, said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity of working with the CPFC Foundation and supporting this key holiday programme for young people in the borough of Croydon. The Foundation does a huge amount of work within Croydon and surrounding areas, which benefits people of all ages and helps build links between CPFC and the local community. The ethos of the CPFC Foundation is ‘One Club One Community’, which we strongly support.  We look forward to working with the Foundation on future projects.

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