Charity auction for CPFC Cup Final Tickets – ends 6pm tonight

20th May, 2016

If you are looking for Cup Final tickets and can help a charity in the process, please read on!


Just before Christmas my daughter Lucy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukaemia.

She has thrown herself into fund raising on behalf of people who do not have a bone marrow match. If anyone wishes to support Lucy’s fundraising on behalf of Anthony Nolan you can make donations Anthony Nolan fund people to be tested for bone marrow matches.

The key thing (as well as donating money!) is to try to raise awareness that people can be tested to see if they are a bone marrow match for someone who desperately needs it. The more people who are tested the more people can be saved. People with an unusual genetic background face particular difficulties. Eg someone with a European father and Asian background mother. Encouraging people from ethnic minority groups is particularly important. Currently 85% of registered donors are women. Usually men make better donors as they are generally bigger.
The process today is more straight forward than it used to be. The test involves a spit and blood test. Donating just involves giving blood in most cases.

Anthony Nolan will register people up to 35 years of age.Link –…n-our-register. If you are older than Delete Blood Cancer will take donors up to 55. Link –

I have heard several accounts of people who have been able to save lives in this way. Can you imagine the satisfaction in feeling that you specifically have saved someone else. You are given the option of meeting the person you have saved in the longer term.
It costs about £100 to register each individual and this is what the proceeds will go towards.

These two tickets come from the club courtesy of Steve Parish (again what a fantastic club to support). Their face value is around £200 each I believe (corporate entertainment and all that)

Please Private Message me with your offers. The highest bidder will win. Deadline 6pm Friday. 

Please click on  this  to bid.

I will contact the winner by PM and will organise a mutually convenient location for handover (it may well be a pub where a drink will cement the deal!)

Although I would like to offer it, there is no guarantee of a Palace victory with these tickets!

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