CPST meets with CPFC (9 May)

10th May, 2017

CPST Board members once again met with Crystal Palace FC representatives, including CEO Phil Alexander, to discuss various issues. The notes from that meeting are below.

  • the Trust expressed concern at the recent taking of reduced allocations of tickets for away games following previous indications the Club would be ‘bold’ in its decisions on the issue. It was highlighted that Southampton had sold out without the full allocation being taken, that only 1800 tickets had been taken for Liverpool and that had sold out 12 days before the match. Now only 2500 tickets had been taken for the Man Utd game and it had sold out in 3 days. The full allocation, if taken, would have given the Club another 790 tickets. The Trust expressed concern at the lack of foresight and judgement and felt the Club were too cautious. The Club indicated they had to make some difficult decisions, sometimes well in advance of the games and had to minimise the potential for losses due to non-sale of tickets. No one has apparently complained to the Box Office about not getting a ticket.
  • the Trust again raised the issue of fans with the most loyalty points being offered the poorest view seats for away games. The Club accepted this could lead to some delay in the purchase until other blocks became available, and could give a false indication of demand early on. The Club agreed to look at this issue with a view to opening up more blocks for sale at the first stages of sale.
  • the Trust raised the issue of the trips to Liverpool, Man. City and Man. Utd where only 20 loyalty points had been given. The Club confirmed this was an oversight and these would be adjusted to the usual 40 points for such long distance trips.
  • the Club confirmed its food and drink policy has not changed. This means that only sealed bottles and cold food (including that purchased outside the ground, provided its not in massive quantities) will be allowed in. Opened bottles and hot food are not allowed. Should stewards not be seen to be adhering to this policy then a supervisor should be involved.
  • the Club had not been made aware of the condition of the coaches going to Southampton. The club are to introduce support team staff to coaches.
  • programme season tickets are still on sale. Details are on the web-site but not in the season ticket brochure.
  • the platform for disabled supporters is being extended for the new season. This will displace up to 500 existing seats. Season ticket holders affected have all been personally contacted and given a choice of alternative seats at the ‘early bird’ price. Other facilities including a sensory room are being considered for other supporters, plus some for deaf and blind fans.
  • the Trust indicated it would be willing to help in any way possible to aid developments at Selhurst Park, including publicity initiatives.
  • the Club confirmed that there will be no player of the year event this year.
  • next seasons shirt design will be available soon (hopefully including stripes!)
  • following the Trust indicating it did not understand the use of ‘safeguarding’ in signage, the Club confirmed they had a ‘safeguarding’ manager whose role was to look after issues related to vulnerable people at the ground (lost children, their parents, those with drink or drug problems, etc etc). The Trust indicated this needed greater explanation so that fans understood what was involved. Apparently there is a safeguarding statement on the Clubs website.
  • following concerns raised by the Trust, the Club indicated it would discuss match day parking within the Sainsbury’s car park with the shop manager to ensure that the use of disabled bays is properly controlled and that these are available solely for appropriate badge holders.
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