CPST meeting with CPFC (5 Sep)

11th September, 2017

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 5 September, the notes of which are as follows:


·         The Trust raised a number of issues which it considered indicated a general lack of, or poor, communication with fans and requested information on some examples.

 – the infilling of the entrances to the basement from the Lower Holmesdale had taken place without communication with season ticket holders nearby. The Club indicated it wished to maximise seating due to the loss of seats through the provision of new disabled facilities. They had fans contact them and had accommodated some changes in seating where requested. It was recognised some advance notice would have been beneficial but work was to a tight schedule.

-the coach stewarding has changed. Each coach should have a steward plus an ‘ambassador’.

-due to the unsatisfactory surface at Dulwich, U 23 games will be played at the training ground or Selhurst. A minimum of 5 games are required to be at Selhurst (although this year it will be more). For U 18 or U 23 games at the training ground fans must produce a season ticket or membership card to attend. Apparently any agents and similar reps. from other clubs are restricted to their own compound. Where the first team are training at the same time as one of the games entrance will not be possible. A live stream of the game would be considered in such cases.

-the Trust expressed concern that some pre-season friendlies were not as advertised eg Maidstone was indicated as a first team game but became an U23 team. It was stated some changes are made late due to manager / coach requests. It was confirmed the allocation for the Metz away game (400) was determined by the French police.

-the mascots costumes were changed as the previous ones were of a size that made them difficult to maintain, with shirts having to be individually tailored and cleaning only taking place on an annual basis!. More importantly they gave restricted vision and made seeing and communicating with young fans difficult. Photo opportunities are now much easier.

·         The Trust raised concerns regarding changes to the ‘away season ticket’ process, with it being perceived that the same money as last season is providing less service. The Club indicated changes had to be made due to data protection requirements and EU GDPR (!) rules. Specific seat selection is now possible, however, this facility will not be rolled out to all away ticket purchasers.

·         The Trust again urged the Club to make a reasoned assessment of demand for away tickets and take the maximum allocation possible to allow all fans the chance to purchase these.

·         The Trust again raised the poor coverage of press conferences. The last conference had no coverage at all. The Club, as before, said they were working on it and hoped this could be resolved soon. 

·         The Trust indicated that the tannoy or PA system still appeared to be uneven in different parts of the ground. Apparently the system can be digitally set with different levels for speech and music. It has been tested on a number of occasions with an empty stadium. However, large crowds alter the balance. The Club would like report back at games from different stands via their text service. The lighting levels are a requirement of TV companies with even the first 10 rows of each stand having to meet a set level.

·         The Club have taken over the former ‘Crystals’ club, with a view to using it for fans on match days. However, it is need of a complete overhaul and refurbishment, plus a new licence. So it will be some time before it is operational.

·         The Trust asked that, to improve service at bars and food outlets at half time, some beers are pre- poured and food ready to go. It was indicated that staff training has taken place and improvements in this area should be recognised.

·         Following discussion with Sainsbury’s their car park is now fully controlled and monitored by the Club on match days, after 1.30, with disabled spaces now fully controlled for blue badge holders. Although it is not possible for disabled spaces to be reserved.

·         The Club indicated that ‘Visit Football’ had assessed the Club and placed it 9th overall and 4th for ‘hospitality, which is a considerable improvement on last year when we were bottom.

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