Minutes from Meeting with CPFC 17th April 2018

20th April, 2018

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 17 April, the notes of which are as follows:-

Allocations and ticket distribution

* For next season the Trust asked the Club, again, to consider a method whereby supporters with the most loyalty points are offered seats in the best available blocks. To illustrate the current system the Trust referred to Stoke away where high loyalty point holders were offered the corner block (42) while those later in the process with minimal points could get tickets behind the goal (in block 39). Overall therefore those with most points end up with the poorest away seats.

* The Trust again asked that maximum allocations be taken where at all possible.

* The Trust asked whether Safety Advisory Groups (SAG’s) of home clubs had any input into the away allocation we received. It was confirmed they do but influence is limited. A case where there was an impact was Chelsea away where limitations were put in place due to SAG recommendations, because of perceived bad behaviour the season before. Most games it is a decision made by the administrations of the two clubs.

Brighton games

* It was confirmed that the recent game with BHAFC went without major incident. The Trust indicated the stewards and Met Police seemed to have matters well organised and under control.

* In contrast the Trust referred to its recent formal legal complaint made to Sussex Police regarding the league game at Falmer.

Under 23’s

* The club has not yet secured a future home for under 23 games. It was likely more games would be played at Selhurst Park next season. The Trust re-iterated its concern about games being played behind closed doors at the Training ground and the need for games to be available for fans to see live.

New ‘main stand’ development

* The Trust welcomed the fact that the planning application for the new stand was to go before the Croydon planning committee on 19 April and had received a positive recommendation. A concern was that Croydon Council wanted the associated legal agreement completed by 19 July which the Trust considered a very short time-scale considering its complexity. The current programme means the main work would commence in the summer of 2019 and take 3 years to complete.

* The Trust were concerned that words to the effect that the cost of public transport should be included in the cost of season tickets had been put forward by Croydon Council. The Club indicated this needed further consideration and review.

* An agreement with Sainsbury’s has still not been formalised. The Trust offered any support it could to encourage Sainsbury’s to agree a satisfactory conclusion.

* The Club indicated that with the development there would be more disabled parking spaces over which they would have greater control. This would enable some designation of spaces rather than the current ‘first come first served’ basis currently operating with the current lower number.

* The proposal for housing at the Park Road / Holmesdale Road junction would affect the memorial garden. The Club are very sensitive to the importance of this part of the ground. Although no ashes had been distributed there over the last two years, the Club would look to removing ground elements there and re-locating them.

Training Ground

* The Club were currently concentrating on developing the academy site on the opposite side of the road to the existing training ground. An announcement could be made this summer. A ‘split’ site would not preclude a ‘Category 1’ status.

Season Tickets

* The Trust questioned the need to raise season ticket prices with current TV money available. The Club indicated it is the first rise in 5 years and at 4% was reasonable. The final prices were well below those of other London clubs. The 18,000 are selling well this year.

Lower Holmesdale

* Following the rejection of WBA’s rail seating plan by the Government, any proposed changes within the Lower Holmesdale, including a ‘singing section’ are unlikely to be revisited until the ‘new stand’ is available.

Fans for Diversity

* The Trust questioned why this event was not better advertised by the Club. It was confirmed that due to the limited availability of accessible rooms in the ground, the attendance had to be limited to 100 and was ‘sold out.’ The Club would take account of the significant interest, if other events were put forward.

Fans Forum

* The Trust questioned whether it was right to offer an event at £110 per person to meet and question the management of the Club while ‘ordinary’ fans had no opportunity at a Forum. The Club indicated proceeds were to go to the Palace for Life Foundation and referred to the event to take place at the Box Park, the day after the last game against WBA.

Womens team

* The Crystal Palace ladies team had approached the Club about joining the WSL 2 league which was part time and regional and the Club supported this proposal, giving financial guarantees.


* The Club is looking to re-name Selhurst Park. The Trust asked that, if it were to happen, that it be done sensitively and another unknown foreign betting group be avoided.

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