CPST / CPFC Meeting Minutes (13 November)

19th November, 2018

A meeting took place between members of the Trust and the Club on 13 November 2018. The notes of which are as follows:-

Ticket Allocations, Sales and Waiting Lists

The Club, while recognising that the Trust always requests that the maximum allocation of tickets should be taken for away games, expressed concern at the slow take up for recent matches which could ultimately have financial implications, the Club having to pay the full amount for the final block taken, if less than 50% of the seats in that block are sold. The Trust asked that the Box Office make sure that the same tickets offered to personal callers were available on-line. Again, if it was known that certain blocks were definitely to be taken, all these should be available for purchase from the outset. The Club recognised that although they may be season ticket holders, junior supporters had to also become members, at additional cost, to receive the junior members ‘goodies’ and were reviewing this position. It was likely that overall fees for such supporters would be reduced next season. The Trust was still confused how the waiting lists for tickets operate and how priority was given (e.g. via points, position on the list, etc). The Club had previously indicated it would clearly set out the position and publish this information for all fans, but it had not been done. The Club said it would do this a.s.a.p.

Block E and the HF

The Trust indicated that views of Board members on the proposed move of the HF to Block E of the Lower Holmesdale were diverse and mixed, similar to the overall fan base. However, those currently in Block E must be fairly treated. The Trust considered the consultation process was very poor, the compensation package similarly unacceptable and that a priority system should be arranged for them in respect of next years’ tickets. The Club indicated that the away allocation to clubs would be reduced from 2900 to 2500 next season, so that these seats (in Block U of the Arthur Wait) would be available to Block E supporters, particularly those who wish to move in larger groups. These and all other seats available would be identified at a proposed open day for Block E ‘movers’ on 20 November, at which time seats for next year could be reserved. The Trust was assured that membership of the new ‘singing section’ would be fully compliant with the Club’s equality policy.

The Brighton Match and Outstanding Complaint

It was confirmed that both Clubs had agreed to treat this as a ‘normal’ fixture this year and therefore no meetings other than those regularly carried out would take place. This season Palace had been given 2,341 tickets and Brighton would be given 2,432 for the return. There would be no ‘beamback’ of the game this year as this had not been allowed by the Premier league. While Sussex Police

Professional Standards Department had identified issues of poor performance and discipline, no formal, final response had been received to the Trust complaint. A full account of where we are will be given at the Trust AGM on 26 November.

Crystals Bar

While the Trust recognised that the Fan Zone provided a beneficial new facility, it usefulness is limited in winter, particularly when it’s raining and its use is further curtailed by it not having any toilet facilities. The Trust urged the Club to bring back the Crystals club as a match day facility. It was recognised this area is tied to the main stand development but a temporary refurbishment was surely possible in the interim. The Club confirmed it would further consider this.

Training Ground and Stadium Redevelopment

The purchase of ‘goals’ for an expansion of the training ground is close to finalisation. In respect of the main stand outstanding issues of ownership in Wooderson Close and in respect of Sainsbury’s remain, as do matters relating to the Section 106 legal agreement, but the Club confirmed that these matters are slowly moving forward.

London Living Wage

The Club confirmed that it was compliant with the London Living Wage in respect of all full-time staff. This was not the case with part-time staff. The decision not to pay this rate to temporary staff was taken at Board level. The Club highlighted its importance as a ‘big employer’ in the north of the Borough.


Single Use Plastic

The Trust highlighted the move of many Clubs away from the use of single use plastic items and wanted CPFC to be at the forefront of this initiative. The Club confirmed that it had started taking some actions and these would be expanded.

Programme Printing

The Trust indicated that in the programme some white typeface on a grey background was incredibly hard to read, and must be virtually impossible for the visually impaired. The Club confirmed future use would be re-considered.

Structured Dialogue

The Trust referred to the Premier League’s ‘Structured Dialogue’ initiative. The Club representatives had very limited knowledge of this and confirmed they would consult with Premier League colleagues to identify requirements and issues.

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