CPST meeting with CPFC 12 February 2019

27th March, 2019

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 12 February 2019, the notes of which are as follows:-

The Trust were generally pleased that the Club had recently taken reasonable allocations for away matches, including over 2900 for Liverpool and the 3000 made available for Doncaster. The Trust hoped that a similar, bold approach would be taken in future games. The Trust expressed concern that season ticket holders seats had not been held back for the Spurs cup game and that the Club had made no complaint about the late change of kick off time, due to TV requirements, for the Leicester game. It was indicated that a refund of money for Leicester tickets was available, but to date only around 20 supporters had taken up this offer. In addition, the Club would look to provide free coach travel to supporters who had been inconvenienced by having to change or lose rail tickets. Season tickets for 2019/20 will be advertised soon, although no formal decision had been made, a ‘slight’ increase on this seasons prices was anticipated.

E Block compensation
While the Trust considered some fans might be resigned to next seasons change of Block E Lower Holmesdale to the ‘singing section,’ the compensation to those affected should still be open to further consideration. The main element of compensation is that a half price season ticket will be provided in whatever stand chosen by those to be re-located, but for one season only. The Trust thought this offer should be extended, perhaps to 3 years. The approach put forward by the Trust will be considered by the Club and taken to the Board for determination.

Under 23 games
The Trust were pleased that fans are now allowed to attend under 23 games at the training ground, along with the continued live streaming of games. However, the Trust considered that greater publicity was needed of access arrangements and other facilities such as toilets etc. and an earlier notification of timing of games should be made on the Club web site. The Club agreed that this should be done.

Training Ground
The Trust asked if any news of potential developments at the training ground could be given following the long lease granted at the ‘goals’ site. It was confirmed that plans are still being drawn up to enable facilities to be provided that will enable the Club to attain Category 1 status.

Crystals, Cashless, Bars, etc.
The Trust referred back to previous meetings where it suggested that the former Crystals night club should be re-opened for use by home fans on match days and to the Clubs past agreement to look at this as a matter of urgency. The Club indicated that it was something they definitely wanted to pursue, but were still considering details. The Trust raised the issue of cashless payments and what could be done for those fans without cards. Apparently the ‘cashless’ take up has been around 95%. When asked, the Club confirmed that money can be added to season tickets to pay for goods, but this is complicated and requires a visit to the box office to complete. Alternative systems are being considered. The Club indicated in response to previous requests from the Trust that some pre-
pouring of beers was now taking place, and more bars were taking pre-orders for half time drinks to allow collection with minimum delay. The Trust requested more chairs and tables be placed in the Red and Blue bar and the Club said they would look into this.

Stadium Progress
The Club could not give a firm indication on the new stand development although discussions with Croydon Council on the Section 106 legal agreement, with Sainsbury’s on land issues and Wooderson Close residents on their re-location were all moving forward, albeit slowly. The Trust raised the issue of structured dialogue, the importance of the issue and the recent meeting involving Premier League representatives. The Club indicated no one from the Club was in attendance at the arranged meeting and that they were unclear of any of the issues involved.

Post Match Road Safety
The Club indicated it was aware of the ‘van incident’ after the Watford game where a van was driven recklessly through supporters leaving the stadium area. The Trust also confirmed that a similar, though less serious, event took place on Clifton Road on the same day. The Trust asked that the Club lobbied the relevant authorities to increase the area of road closures around the ground immediately after the end of games. Other Clubs seem to be able to operate far wider restrictions. Problems will significantly increase if and when the new stand is built and capacity is increased by 8,000.

The Trust, at the request of the FSF, drew attention to comments made by West Ham supporters regarding access to and during the recent game raising issues of overcrowding, migration from allotted seats, safety etc. and lack of action by stewards. The Club said they would carefully examine the issues raised.
The Trust asked (following a request from Liverpool) whether the Club had a formal procedure or policy regarding banning orders. The Club indicated it abided with any decision where a case went to Court. On purely Club based cases there were no formal policies or procedures in place that could be referred to, with each case being treated on its individual merits and action based on film or other evidence in their possession. They said they would allow those people identified to put forward a case in response, but not necessarily in person. Punishments included 1 to 3 match bans, with warning about future behaviour also possible.

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