CPST Meeting with CPFC 19 March 2019

27th March, 2019

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 19 March, the notes of which are as follows: –

Ticketing Issues
The Trust expressed concern at the number of away supporters who had obtained tickets in the home ends at the Man. U. game. The Club indicated a lot of the problem was due to touts reselling tickets and they were making a significant effort to solve this issue. The Trust recognised that the Club had endeavoured to get more than 3000 tickets for the Watford Quarter Final, but commented on the attempts by the home club to make the experience as poor as possible for Palace fans (netting splitting the fans, no alcohol, time consuming security checks, etc.), and compared it to how Palace treat away fans (with disco’s, drinks, tee shirts etc.) The Club recognised the difference but, on balance, considered their current approach was about right. The Trust expressed concern regarding the lack of confirmation of kick off times/days, e.g. the upcoming Arsenal, Spurs and Newcastle fixtures and the effect this has on fans trying to organise trips. The Trust also expressed concern at the increase in price of Season Tickets, which was above the rate of inflation, and the increased income was miniscule compared to TV money. The Club thought the increases reasonable, highlighting all this income is to the commercial benefit of the Club, and re-iterated previous statements that the prices remain amongst the cheapest in the league. The Trust questioned the operation of Twickets. It was confirmed that any season ticket holder using this system would get the s/t value back, less commission (£4) the purchaser would pay the ‘normal’ match day price for the seat, plus commission (£4). Twickets only sell to members or people with appropriate purchasing history, using the same criteria/information as the Club. Finally the Club agreed to support the proposed Premier League maximum pricing for away concessions.

Under 23’s
The Trust having welcomed the recent access for fans to the training ground for U 23 matches and their live streaming to all, expressed concern that the last game was only available to gold members. The Club indicated this was an experiment and all remaining games would be available as previously to everybody on the Clubs web-site. The Trust questioned the need to charge for these games. The Club thought the prices (£5 and £1 for concessions) were reasonable and these went towards costs (stewarding, facilities etc.) although they did not cover all the expenses incurred.

Structured Dialogue/Safe Standing
The Trust following an earlier discussion raised the Premier Leagues Guidance document on ‘Structured Dialogue’. The Club indicated that it was aware of the requirements, as set out, and were monitoring the position, but the document did not cause them any concerns and it was considered they could meet future
requirements. The Trust also raised the Government review of safe standing and highlighted that rail seating was going to be used by Palace fans at the Spurs game. The Club again indicated it was monitoring the position, they had inspected some versions of such ‘seating’ but converting the Lower Holmesdale, for example, was not just a straightforward replacement for existing seats with other works required. It is unlikely any change would take place in the upcoming close season.

The Trust referred to reports of the American owners may wish to sell their interest in the Club. No information could be provided by the Club, but it was indicated nothing was happening at the present time.

Ground Development
The Club indicated there was no significant news to relay on either the new stand development or training ground development

The Trust questioned the ManBetX sponsorship. While it was recognised that the principal issue to the Club was financial the Trust considered image was also important, and a betting company was far from ideal and ‘ManBet’ was not inclusive. The Club indicated that the current deal had one year left to run and could be extended, with finance being the primary focus. The Club confirmed it had no current plan to rename Selhurst Park.

The Trust asked why tickets were not provided recently for coach travel. The Club indicated this was an experiment as they wanted to reduce paper and confirmed that the alternative name lists with requests for id had not resulted in significant delays. That being said tickets would be provided for future trips.
The Club indicated that the level of loyalty points was becoming unwieldy. The Trust confirmed if any were to be ‘removed’ these should not be the championship season ticket ones. The Trust, once again, was critical of the level of points available for retail purchases compared to those allocated for away ticket purchase.
The Player of the Year event will be free and take place on 30 April at Boxpark. The attendance capacity is 1200. The Trust asked that thought be given to have a live stream of the event.
The Trust reminded the Club that the 25th anniversary of ‘Kick it Out’ was approaching and that events were meant to take place at the end of the month to recognise this.
The Club indicated that from now on the gates would open 2 hours before kick-off, in order to try and get fans in early and try and avoid recent delays and long queues at turnstiles near that time.


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