CPST meeting with CPFC 8 May 2019

11th May, 2019

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 8 May 2019, the notes of which are as follows:-

The Club confirmed that it had decided that it would no longer issue tickets for coach travel, with checks solely being made from lists on entrance to the coach.

The Trust questioned the position regarding the use of ‘twickets’. It was confirmed by the Club that any season ticket holder using ‘twickets’ would get one nineteenth of their season ticket price for each ticket returned, less a £4 fee to ‘twickets’. The Club then sell the ticket for the match day price plus a £4 fee to ‘twickets’. Therefore, each such transaction results in around £20 ‘profit’ which goes into the general funds of the Club. However, the Club indicated that the administration of the system is time consuming, with the box office responsible for cancelling the season ticket for the specific game and for issuing an e-ticket to the purchaser.

The Club confirmed that season ticket prices had always changed at the age of 10 rather than 11 when children move to secondary school.

Loyalty Points
The Club confirmed it was still looking to re-configure loyalty points, due to the total numbers of points now involved and to improve the position of younger fans in the system. The Trust re-iterated that it considered that those supporters who had season tickets in the Championship should be specifically recognised. The Trust also repeated longstanding concerns regarding the balance, in respect of points, between away ticket purchase and retail purchases, with it being considered unfair that a fan who supported the Club at Newcastle got the same number of points as somebody who went to the shop and bought monopoly and a gnome or somebody who bought a large round in the bar. The Trust considered there needs to be bias in favour of away tickets/ travellers. The Club will continue to consider their position.

Screens for VAR
The Trust indicated more screens were needed in the ground next season with the introduction of VAR. The decision to go to VAR would be put on the screens, as would the outcome. The Trust thought it unacceptable that some fans out of view of screens in the ground may not be aware of what is going on and worse a goal could be confirmed with some supporters being aware and others not sure. The Club said that all matters shown on the screen would be simultaneously announced over the PA system, but recognised the issue and would consider alternatives to ensure all fans wherever they are in the ground have the same information.

Cashless Selhurst/ loading money onto Season Tickets
The Club confirmed the move to a cashless Selhurst would continue next season but some provision would still remain for cash purchases. The Club confirmed that money could be loaded onto season tickets at any time, but this could only be done by visiting or phoning the Box Office.

POTY at Boxpark
The Trust asked for the Clubs opinion on this years’ POTY as it seemed far more low key than previous seasons. Complaints had also been made that people on the terrace at Boxpark could not hear announcements. The Club thought it was a great success, although the attendance was below capacity (1200). The Trust thought the lower demand may be due to the lack of announcement, at this event, of the new season’s kit. The Trust asked if different venues would be considered next season, such as the revamped Fairfield Halls. The Club said that they would look at all options. No specific event would take place to announce the new kit, and a date for any news could not be given.

The Trust asked about any proposed changes to the programme following the Clubs survey on views of the programme, format etc. The results are still being assessed. The Club confirmed season tickets for programmes would be available next year.

Stadium and other developments
No significant developments could be confirmed since the last meeting in respect of the ‘new’ stand and training ground, negotiations were continuing but complex. The Club did wish to confirm that a number of smaller scale improvements to Selhurst and the training ground were programmed for the closed season/near future including work on the Holmesdale roof. The Trust welcomed the fact that other things were taking place and that the ‘new’ stand was not the sole development under consideration. The Trust indicated fans generally were interested in such smaller scale projects and that these should be publicised. The Club agreed to do this.

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