Sussex Police Complaint

26th June, 2019

The Trust, and the  FSF (now the Unified Football Supporters Organisation), through ITN Solicitors, made a number of complaints about the way Sussex Police oversaw and dealt with Palace fans at a Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace fixture in November 2017. The final report, from Sussex  Police Professional Standards Department, into these concerns has at last been received. Please see link below.

While many complaints have not been supported by the investigation,  5 have been upheld on an ‘organisational basis’ and are subject to ‘organisational learning.’ In addition 2 in relation to media releases have been upheld and Superintendent Nelson and an Inspector have been made the subject of ‘management action.’ 
The Trust considers these findings and other details in the report highlight the poor treatment of Palace fans on that day, and justifies the action it has pursued to hold Sussex Police accountable. The Trust are pleased that the report indicates that following the game a de-brief meeting took place and it was ‘recognised there were significant areas of learning and improvement in relation to the operation and the ongoing policing of future football matches.’ The Trust hopes lessons will be learnt by Sussex Police from events that night.
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