Dissertation request – Focus Groups

28th June, 2019

Hello Crystal Palace supporters!

I am a masters student in Strategic Communications at the London School of Economics. I’m writing my dissertation on the commercialization of football, with focus on branding. In this regard, I aim to compare British and Norwegian fan responses to such activities and the overall commercial environment in football, and am focusing on Crystal Palace.

I am hoping to invite Crystal Palace supporters on both sides of the pond to take part in focus groups that will discuss fan experience and perception of commercial activities. I will be holding two of these in the London area.

The time of these groups will be between 22nd June and 5th July, and 1st August and 7th August.

I hope to hear from you if you are based in the London area and would like to know more about participating in the study.

I can be reached on email:

Best wishes,
Benedicte Halvorsen
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