CPST Meeting with CPFC 13 August 2019

16th August, 2019

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 13 August the notes of which are as follows:-

While the Trust recognised the Club is a commercial organisation, where income generation is important, it expressed concern regarding recent price changes and increases across many areas and questioned whether the Club fully recognise these could ultimately be counter-productive and alienate supporters to a point where they will spend less overall.

Gold Membership

The Trust were concerned that season ticket holders, in particular, were expected to pay £50 for such membership for limited extra benefits and that previously free streaming of friendly and U23 games was now not available without this payment and membership. The Club indicated that the service costs money to provide and that other benefits, such as the 10% shop discount, are provided with gold membership. It was recognised, however, that supporters may only wish to view one or two games and the Club would consider a system for viewing individual games each with a one-off small charge. The Club indicated that there are currently around 3000 gold members last year there were 6000.

Under 23’s

The Club confirmed that U23 games would take place at both Selhurst and the training ground. Supporters could attend training ground games this season exactly the same as last season.

Away Season Tickets

The Trust expressed concern at the £30 charge for away season tickets, again with limited benefit. The Club indicated this guaranteed tickets for games and allowed supporters to choose specific seats. There were around 300 away season ticket holders this season (last year it was around 230). The Club indicated it would not wish the number to be greater than 400, any year.


The Trust expressed concern at the late decision to move upper Holmesdale ticket holders to the lower Holmesdale for the Hertha Berlin friendly and to, what appeared to be, unannounced changes to position of some fans who had purchased tickets in Block E for the Everton game. The Club indicated because of the low sales for the Hertha Berlin game they considered they had no choice.

While there had been some problems with Twickets for the Everton game, these were now resolved and there should be no further issues.

The Club confirmed that 2400 tickets for the Sheff. Utd. game had been sold with 7 free coaches going.

The Club indicated maximum allocations would be taken for all the upcoming London fixtures.

Ground Improvements / Environmental Policy – The Trust welcomed the recent report on small scale ground alterations and improvements which supporters are generally interested in. It requested that such news be continued on a regular basis. The Trust, while recognising that certain improvements had been made by the Club in respect of general recycling, single use plastics etc. etc., indicated that the Club should produce a much more comprehensive  overall environmental policy which is bound to be needed as a matter of course in the near future.

Loyalty Points

The Club indicated there would be no change to the loyalty points numbers or system this season. As points were not available for purchases at the Everton game, double points would be applied at the Aston Villa match.


The Trust referred to a recently published FSA away fans survey relating to Palace and suggested the Club look at the findings albeit from a small number of respondents.

The Trust reported back on the Police Standards Department report relating to complaints made about Sussex Police.

The Trust welcomed the Clubs decision to pay the London Living Wage to staff.

The Trust raised concern at the recent hike in beer prices which were significantly greater than inflation. The Club indicated that there had not been incremental increases over recent years and therefore prices were in effect catching up. They were working hard to improve variety of beers, bar areas and customer service.

Although only one full programme had been produced this year the Trust raised issues of style and content, and, font size and contrast, which can make sections difficult to read, especially for the visually impaired.

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