CPST meeting with CPFC 07/12/20

10th December, 2020

The Trust held a Zoom meeting with the Club on 7 December.

The Trust highlighted that all recent communications were by e-mail and generally a number of actions would require the use of a smart ‘phone. Not all supporters have e-mails or such phones. The Club appreciated this point and said that they were trying to provide a link to those without e-mail by connecting them with others in their ‘bubble’ who did and by making sure ‘phone nos. in ‘personal details’ on their system were up to date, so that calls could be made if absolutely necessary.

Box Office e-mail regarding missed matches and refunds

The Trust expressed concern that the system set up for season ticket holders to deal with refunds for missed matches was overly complicated and difficult. It set out examples of on line problems and some problems experienced by fans attending the Box Office.

The Club appreciated some of the difficulties and confirmed they were looking to simplify processes wherever possible. The new system in place was difficult to set up but around 10,000 of the 12,000 current season ticket holders had made contact and confirmed their choices.

The Trust confirmed there did not appear to be a ‘default’ option for those who had not met the deadline to confirm the option they wanted. The Club confirmed this, and said they would be trying to directly contact those outstanding as they did not want to pre-empt any decision that may be made. The Club confirmed that any refunds or transfer of ticket monies would be based on one seventeenth of the season ticket cost/ per game.

Tickets for the Spurs game.

The Club would/could not give a specific figure for the number of tickets out of the 2000 attendance that would be given to corporates, players, staff etc. but stated they were trying to maximise the number of ‘general attendance’ fans.

The initial problems with ‘Ambassadors’ had now been resolved.

The Holmesdale stand and Whitehorse Road stands would be open. Spacing at the game would mean every other row would remain unused and at least 2 seats would be left in each occupied row between individual fans or ‘bubble’ groups. Fans would be asked to arrive up to one and a half hours before kick off. Food and drinks would be available but not alcohol. The Club would encourage fans to go to their seats to consume food etc. to ensure concourses do not get overcrowded. This request could not be made with alcohol so they decided it should not be sold. The Arthur Wait would ‘open eventually’, but there was ‘work to be done’.

The Club confirmed that the tickets for this game had been done via loyalty points with them going to individuals with the highest number of points or ‘bubbles’ with a high average number of points. It was confirmed that if an offer of a ticket was rejected there would be no exceptions made to allow that person to remain high in the list and that individual would be placed at the end of the queue.

Tickets not taken up would be given to fans via a short notice waiting list, again allocated based on loyalty points.

The Trust expressed concern that the Club requires tickets to be printed and that attendees need to have downloaded the NHS app. The Club stated that the scanners may not read smart ‘phones so they urged fans to print tickets wherever possible. There may be some manual taking of data if there is a genuine reason for not having the NHS app.

There will be a small allocation of tickets for the Leicester game for a ballot of Members.

The Club confirmed that seat positions for the Spurs game were determined on a random basis (taking account of any access requirements identified). Any supporter who has a season ticket for a seat costing more than the one they are allocated will get a pro-rata refund of the difference.

Attendance at U23, FA Cup, Youth games etc.

The Club confirmed that no fans will be allowed to attend U23 games until further notice. They indicated that as the games were streamed, in the current circumstances, this was the appropriate course of action at this time.

Tickets for any FA cup games would be distributed as normal, but obviously with the lower capacity. So they would potentially be available for non-season ticket holders to apply for. The Club indicated replays would take place in rounds 3 and 4.

The youth game at Fleetwood would be available to watch on the Fleetwood you tube channel. The Club would provide a link to this channel before the game.

Ground Development

The Club confirmed that detailed discussions with Sainsbury’s were still taking place. The Trust highlighted the likely support from fans for any actions felt appropriate.


Following a Trust enquiry the Club confirmed it may well extend this seasons ‘save your seat’ deadline beyond the current 6 January.

The Club were unaware that ‘quality points’ had been shown next to loyalty points on the web site and would look into this.


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