CPST meeting with CPFC March 2021

13th March, 2021

The Trust held a Zoom meeting with the Club on 11 March.

Season tickets 21/22

The Trust welcomed the recent announcement by the Club that prices for 21/22 season tickets would be kept at 19/20 prices and, in particular, that direct debit payments are again being taken in house with no interest charges.

It was confirmed by the Club that those who paid £200 this season to save their seat could carry this amount over towards the purchase of next seasons ticket, where they would be included in phase 1 sales, or claim a refund, if their circumstances have changed.

Although the sale of 21/22 tickets would commence on 6 April the Box Office would not be open to personal callers until 12 April when Government restrictions should allow non-essential shops, including the 3 Club shops to open. Details of the opening of the Box Office and shops will be published along with more accessible information about 21/22 season ticket prices.

The Arsenal home game could potentially be moved along with all ‘phase 37’ games to allow up to around 6500 people to attend. If this happens tickets will be available to current season ticket holders (except those who attended the Tottenham game). As season tickets and refunds will have been made by the time this is confirmed, an individual payment will have to be made for this game for those lucky enough to be offered a ticket.

It was confirmed that on the web site as well as having an ordinary ‘Friends and Family’ designation also has a ‘strong relationship’ link which allows groups to purchase tickets for one another.

Preparations for Next Season.

The Club have to operate under Government and Premier League restrictions, but their aim is (and preparations are being made) for there to be a normal maximum capacity operating at the beginning of next season.

Financial Position after Covid

While no specific details could be given, the Club indicated the pandemic has affected the Clubs financial position with reduced income from ticketing, match sales, events etc. and this will limit immediate future expenditure.

Brexit may alter or restrict some potential purchases of European players in the future with the Club having to ensure that sufficient ‘points’ exist for them to be eligible.

New Stand and Academy

The Club indicated that discussions over the new stand development were continuing with Sainsbury’s and Croydon Council but indications were given that

No real progress had been made. No confirmation was given that the Club had approached the Council with a view to a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) being served.

Progress was, however, moving forward rapidly on the Academy works and completion was anticipated for the start of next season. The Club would not confirm whether any new outside investment had been made into the academy.

Streaming of Under 18 Games

The Trust welcomed the recent streaming of the Under 18 game against Norwich on YouTube and asked if this would continue. The Club indicated that showing U18 games on YouTube was likely to be a regular feature for the rest of the season.

Announcement of Renewal / Extension of Player Contracts

The Trust questioned why there is often a delay in the Club announcing new contracts signed by players. Such delays means there is confusion amongst fans and also news organisations as to who is out of contract and who has signed an extension. This has been highlighted over recent months where certain players have been indicated as out of contract at the end of this season when they have in fact renewed. The Trust considered there is no reason why basic details of such agreements should not be released as soon as they are made.

The Club indicated that there are various commercial and confidential reasons for this, and, although recognising the point made, consider they should continue make such announcements via the DOF when they consider it most appropriate.


The Player of the Year and other awards are likely to be virtual event again this year as will the new kit announcement. Dates will be published as soon as available.

The Club are considering putting forward an Under 21 team for the EFL Trophy.


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