Trust Meeting with the Club 05/05/2021

7th May, 2021

The Trust held a zoom meeting with the Club on 5 May 2021

Arsenal Match

The club confirmed a number of details had been prepared relating to fan attendance at the forthcoming Arsenal match. A Safety Advisory Group meeting with the Council had taken place to discuss match day preparation and issues. The Trust expressed concern that this had gone ahead without the usual fan representation (apparently this was a decision of the Council).

The game would be operated similar to the Tottenham match last year. Masks would need to be worn, and temperature checks would be made at entrances. No alcohol sales would take place, but some food outlets would be available, (although not in the Arthur Wait stand due to the limited size of the concourse).

The attendance would be limited to 6500 fans. Those eligible for tickets would be 20/21 season ticket holders, based on ‘loyalty points’, with those who attended the Tottenham game excluded from the process. The level of ‘loyalty points’ needed was not yet available, but would be announced soon. No away fans were anticipated to be allowed to attend.

21/22 Season

The Club were working towards getting back to as near as possible to ‘normal’ conditions for next season, with full capacity and food and drinks outlets all open. However, it was emphasised this is all controlled by Government guidance which, whatever it said, would have to be adhered to.

Friendly matches were likely to be arranged for pre-season but no details were yet available.

There were no plans at this stage to open up the U18 and U23 or women’s games to spectators.

New Kit 21/22

It was confirmed by the Club that there would be 3 new kits for next season. These would be announced with 3 separate releases, (on-line) at the end of June through July.

There would be a new training gear range and a new warm up products.

The W88 shirt sponsorship has been extended and would continue into the 21/ 22 season.

ESL fallout

The Trust welcomed Steve Parish’s media interventions in respect of the failed ESL proposals. It raised fan responses to the recent ESL proposal, and asked for a view on 51% ‘fan ownership’, the Government review, and actions of the Premier League (removing representatives of the six from PL Committees and Working groups, and requiring a new commitment from owners to agree to limit future changes).

The Club representatives at the meeting provided no comments at this stage.

The Trust highlighted the recent Chelsea announcement that 3 ‘supporter advisers’ would be allowed on their Board subject to certain confidentiality requirements. The Trust hoped that Palace would follow this example, or a similar proposal, as soon as possible.

The Trust highlighted how the Clubs 75th position (out of 92 league clubs) in the recently announced 2019/20 ‘Fan Engagement Index’ reflected badly on the Club. In particular, as the Club were below the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United. The Club indicated it was reviewing the findings.

Environmental Policy

In August and December 2019 the Trust indicated the Club should be producing a comprehensive Environmental Policy and this was subsequently backed up by it receiving a poor score under the Premier League Sustainability Ratings. At this time there was talk by the Club of a number of initiatives including ‘large scale options’ like ‘renewable power sources.’ However, nothing had been heard of this since.

The Club indicated a sustainability policy had been produced but was awaiting board approval for its release.


The Trust noted that loyalty points were once again identified on the ticket section of the Club web-site. It was, however, noted that loyalty points of ‘Friends and Family’ were still not available. This can make it difficult when trying to buy tickets for groups ( away games). The Trust said, at this stage, it was not looking for anything new but purely the return of features that used to exist on the site.

The Club confirmed that there would be a full range of membership options for next season and it is hoped an announcement would be made soon.


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