21st February, 2022

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 17 February 2022, the notes of which are as follows:-

Box Office, ticketing issues and Loyalty Points

The Trust expressed concern at decisions made on ticketing e.g. the continued taking of low allocations and underestimating of demand (e.g. Man City, Leeds, Norwich and Hartlepool). This frustrated fans and of course reduced the important team support. The Club disputed any problems around the games identified other than Norwich. Based on the selling of 1400 tickets to Leeds, and similar circumstances, they thought 1600 for Norwich was appropriate. It was recognised this sold out quickly and could have been misjudged, but the Club indicated that these decisions were difficult to make. The Club has taken the full allocation for Wolves.

The Trust requested that the earliest notification be given for ticket sales and expressed concern at the big gap from 7,000 points to 3,000 in the sale of away tickets. The Club said it would hope to improve sales information and look to the introduction of an interim 5000+ loyalty points level in sales.

It was noted by the Trust that only 20 loyalty points were now given for away games where significant travel was involved as opposed to the previous 40points. The Club confirmed that the ‘old’ system of 40 points for a number of away games would return next season. Purchases at bars and food outlets could not currently be given, as while the system could work with phone tickets, it would not be possible with e-ticket holders, which would be unfair. Currently points for all shop purchases are being entered manually. It was confirmed by the Club that where a number of tickets are bought together only ‘lead bookers’ get the (20) loyalty points, unless other season ticket holders/members are specifically identified. ‘Lead bookers’ would receive only one set of 20 points irrespective of the no. of tickets purchased. The Club indicated changes to the loyalty point system would be made next season, but they were still working on their proposals.

Following concern from the Trust, the Club indicated that ticket collections from the Box Office should be available once sales are announced. Although on occasion tickets are not sent early enough by the away club, or are incomplete, so there will be odd times where this is not possible.

The Club recognised that the late dispatch of posted tickets and non-receipt of tickets sent by post was a problem. Although the tickets were always sent in time for normal first class delivery, there were problems with the post office deliveries meeting their publicised dates. The Club would look to send out tickets in batches at earlier times in future.

The Trust again expressed concern that the main Box Office phone line remained a 10p a minute ‘service’. The Club said they were ‘reviewing’ the use of this line. No reason was given for the poor response to e mails although staffing in the box office has recently been improved.

Attendance at U23 and U18 games

The Trust expressed concern that although the academy site had a pitch with a 500 seater stand, supporters were being excluded from those games. The Club indicated that the stand did not yet have a roof and so was not yet readily available. In addition Premier League Covid rules remain in place until the end of February, so in March things could move forward. The Trust raised the late and low key announcements of U23 match days and times being changed and asked the Club to give these more prominence on their website.

Academy Tours

Similar to the above, tours of the academy for ‘founder members’ had not been possible due to Covid restrictions and building works taking place. The Club are keen to start these and are looking for a programme from March onwards.

Main Stand

As usual the Trust asked about progress on the Main Stand development. The Club could not give any direct information but confirmed that work was still going on in the background regarding the purchase of required land and the provision of housing, as required by the legal agreement.


Following donations to the Hartlepool coaches the Club confirmed subsidised coach travel will be provided for Palace fans for an away game this season.

The Trust raised the poor quality of sound at press conferences. The Club did not recognise this as a problem, but would review it.

The Club confirmed that the Holmesdale stand had been infested in pigeons during the Covid period resulting in a number of problems with mess on seats. The Club confirmed that they have a specialist cleaning team, a hawk was now used to scare the pigeons away and a net would be installed in the roof to prevent roosting.

The Trust expressed surprise that the Clubs position in the recent Premier League Sustainability Table had deteriorated from mid table previously to a ‘near relegation’ position. The Club stated a plan, originally mentioned some years ago, was near to being ‘signed off’ and it was felt that the Clubs position in this table possibly related to a number of actions by the Club not been fully recognised. The Club felt that next year they would be mid table again.

The Club recognised that card machines in the Box office had broken down on occasion but the IT section were always quick to sort out problems.

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