Meeting between CPST & CPFC 17th March 2022

18th March, 2022

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 17 March 2022, the notes of which are as follows:-

Ticketing issues

The Trust raised concern that supporters had encountered a number of problems trying to buy tickets on line, with credit and debit cards being refused. The Club indicated that the problem was caused by the recent introduction of new authentication processes by the banks, (Strong Customer Authentication – SCA) for on line purchases in an attempt to reduce on line fraud which all retailers will have to adjust their systems to accommodate. All banks should now have fully implemented their new systems and the Club had updated its own system, so that there should be no further problems or issues.

The Trust relayed some concerns that season ticket holders seats had not been held back for cup games. The Club indicated that around 1500 had been displaced for the Everton game due to the required larger allocation in the FA Cup. The Club accepted that other clubs (eg Southampton) had notified season ticket holders who were likely to be displaced, on sale of their tickets and this allowed those to have a period of holding tickets to enable season ticket holders to get their regular seats. Next season this approach would be followed by the Club and season ticket holders unaffected by displacement would have the first opportunity to purchase their season ticket seats.

The Club confirmed that Everton had been given their required 15% allocation for the quarter final game (3902). This however did cause some concourse issues which meant that some of the rear seats in the home section of the Arthur Wait will not be released for sale. The Club hope to make changes in the concourses during the summer to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

The Trust asked about season tickets for 2022/23. The Club confirmed that an announcement on sales and prices was imminent. Although there was likely to be a price increase, this was indicated as being very small. It was confirmed that ‘early bird’ offers etc. as previously would apply.

Fan Involvement Index

The Trust referred to the Fan Involvement Index which had recently been published and the fact that the Club was placed 77th out of all league clubs in this table and was bottom of all league clubs in terms of ‘governance’. This follows on from the poor rating in Premier League Sustainability Table referred to at the previous meeting and the Trust considered consistent poor performance in these publicised statistics reflected badly on the Club. The Club said they would examine why they were so badly rated.

Anti-refugee stickers

These had appeared on seats at the Wolves game and the Trust hoped that the Club would make every effort to find who was responsible for these and take appropriate action against those involved. The Club indicated that they had not been able to identify anybody to date, but they would use CCTV information to do so, if this occurred at home matches, and action would definitely follow.


The Trust noted the recent move for the Club to deliver food to your seat. The Club indicated this was put forward to try and reduce congestion in the concourses particularly at half time. The system is meant to work by the buyer receiving a text and then the purchaser going to the end of the row to collect the food and take it back to their seat. The Trust highlighted the disruption, and possible annoyance, to other spectators who had to move for this to happen. Passing the food down the row seemed to have other problems. The Club indicated that it would review the position taking into account any comments in the post-match surveys.

The Club indicated that there would be a new kit provider next season, with a new shirt design and possible new shirt sponsor. Announcements on all of these would be made soon.

The Trust highlighted the recent Under 23 game against Man. City was not on Palace tv which was disappointing as showing games in this way was meant to compensate for supporters not being able to attend such games which were behind closed doors. The Club indicated this could not be shown as a Premier league game was being shown on tv at the same time and PL rules do not allow PL 2 games to be shown in these circumstances.

The Trust noted that programmes had sold out well before kick off before recent league games. The Club recognised this problem and confirmed that they would ensure this should not happen in future.


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