Trust meeting with CPFC 17 May 2022

19th May, 2022

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 17 May the notes of which are as follows:

Box Office / Ticketing

The Trust has consistently raised issues and problems regarding the operation of the box office for a number of months. Again a number of new ones needed addressing. However, starting on a positive note the Trust welcomed, at last, the introduction of a local rate ‘phone number for the box office, as opposed to the previous premium rate number, and the Clubs u turn, so that the initially proposed handling charges were dropped for telephone or personal callers to the box office renewing season tickets.


The Trust expressed concern that the Southampton away tickets were not put on sale until 9 days before the match causing supporters problems and meaning they were reliant on reliable postal delivery. The Club indicated that at the time the box office was handling some cup semi-final tickets and these took precedent. However, it was promised that lead in times for sale of away tickets would be much improved next season.

It was noted by the Trust that seniors for the Villa game were charged £25 for their ticket, where the ticket had a marked price of £24. The Club said the price had been set, based on initial information from Villa. It apologised for this error and confirmed that those involved would receive a £1 discount on the purchase of their next away game ticket.

The Trust expressed concern that the acknowledgement for the purchase of next season’s, season ticket was a re vamped version from the 21/22 season which caused confusion because it referred to retaining season ticket cards. The Club apologised for this mistake and said it had now been corrected, and that anyone who had received the original acknowledgement would get a correct up to date version.

The Trust indicated that a number of details regarding the season ticket + scheme were not clear or properly explained.

The Club confirmed that there would only be two options for season tickets next season NFC to ‘phones, which will be issued in June, or plastic cards, (but only to those eligible), in July. There would be no PDF versions.

The Trust identified the sharing of tickets in the + scheme was not clear only referring to a ‘select group’. The Club confirmed this has not yet been further defined by them, but they expected it to be wider than the ‘family and friends’ groupings.

Palace TV could still be purchased as a stand-alone item and other current memberships would still be available.

The ballot identified would be open to all those season ticket holders in this group regardless of points with an unspecified number of tickets held back for this purpose.

The Trust noted that ST+ did not include admission to U23 matches, only viewing via Palace TV; so subscribers wishing to support the team in person would be paying again. The Club agreed to consider whether live attendance could be added to the package.

The Club indicated it was still their intention to alter the loyalty points system in the future, but no final decision on how this would happen had yet been taken and it was unclear if such a decision would be made before the start of next season.

The Trust referred to the new terms and conditions published with season ticket

Information, and asked if there were significant changes that had not been publicised. The Club noted the removal of covid restrictions and amendments to direct debit arrangements.


The Trust indicated that the POTY this year was successful and good that it was free, but the acoustics in Box Park are not great. The Club were disappointed that it appeared a number of people who had obtained tickets did not actually attend. There is no tie with Box Park, and although the venue might not change, the Club will look at, and consider, alternatives for next year before a decision is made.

Stadium Development

The Trust expressed concern that the publicised potential Compulsory Purchase Order, requiring a new planning application, could result in a further 18 month delay in the new stand. The Club could give no update on developments, other than those publicised, but confirmed the project remained high priority and was actively being pursued.

Following questions from the Trust over other works that might take place at Selhurst over the close season, the Club said some were proposed but that there would be an announcement on these in the near future.

Next Seasons Kit

No specific time could be given by the Club for an announcement on the new kit for next season. There would be a new shirt sponsor but the Club would not confirm that this would not be a betting company as rumoured.

Promotion of Women’s team

The Trust referred to supporters who wished to form an ‘official women’s supporters group.’ Although there had been an initial meeting with Phil

Alexander the Trust hoped that this initiative would be taken up by others at the Club. It was confirmed the Club welcomed the proposal and would pursue this matter.


The Trust hoped that after the nearly 10 years great service by Joel Ward, that this would be recognised by a testimonial by the Club. It was confirmed that this was under consideration.

The Trust asked whether any friendly games were being considered in the winter world cup break. The Club confirmed that there was no intention at this point in time.

The Club indicated that they did want supporters to once again to attend U23 matches at the training ground but works were still required before this could take place.

Booking for academy founder members to tour the new facilities should be available in the near future.

The Club appreciated the concern of the Trust that 3 home games in a row were played on a Monday night causing difficulties in attendance for many fans and confirmed it also affects the commercial activities that can take place but there is little they can do.

The Club could not confirm a timescale for the appointment of a new CEO to replace Phil Alexander.


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