Trust meeting with Club 18 August 2022

21st August, 2022

The Trust had a meeting with the Club on 18 August 2022, the notes of which are as follows:-

Box Office/ Ticketing

The Trust expressed concern at a number of issues relating to the Box Office and ticketing. Supporters wanted a simple, clear, understandable system that works efficiently. The system seems over complicated with many having issues with downloading of tickets, and not understanding what can or can’t be done.

The Club confirmed that in their view the way forward was the use of NFC via ‘phones with limited use of plastic cards and no alternative QR or e-ticket useage. They had attempted to make this NFC use easier by providing a simple link via an e maiI. It was accepted by the Club that this would not eradicate ticket tout use, but it would limit it. There had been a problem with some copying of QR codes or e tickets multiple times. The first used would work but all of the others wouldn’t. This resulted in many people visiting the Box Office to complain their ticket would not allow entry.

It was confirmed that last season 10,000 had digital tickets on ‘phones, this year it is 14000. 2500 plastic cards have been issued.

In answer to various questions the following points were confirmed by the Club

Season ticket holders can transfer tickets to other members and friends and family free of charge.

Season ticket + holders can transfer tickets to other members and friends and family free of charge.

There is a charge of £10 for any transaction carried out over the ‘phone or if the transfer/sale is to a non-member.

There will now be no cut off time for the transfer/sale of tickets.

For the Arsenal game 400 season tickets were transferred to others and 500 sold on.

The Club made it clear that other than the specified groups, (juniors, seniors and those with disabilities) plastic cards would be issued only on a rare and exceptional basis. They hoped some card holders would transfer to digital tickets which could be done at any time.

The Trust welcomed the fact that ticket sales for away games now seemed to be taking place reasonably well in advance ( with the exception of Oxford United! ), but expressed concern that although received, the Man. City tickets had remained in the Box Office for a week without being sent out. This hopefully is now resolved.

In respect of Oxford United tickets there was a concern again about late sale and sending out and whether they would be received in time.

Brighton tickets should be on sale early next week (w/c 22 August).

To balance the work of the Box Office tickets for games would go on sale on-line before being available in the Box Office. The Club agreed that this needed to be made clear to supporters to avoid wasted journeys to the Box Office etc.

The Trust welcomed the removal of the premium line telephone no. to the Box Office. Since this time the Club noted that the number of calls and their length had increased significantly. The Trust highlighted that although the old system had a queuing system in place (i.e. you knew whether you were no.1 in the queue or 101) the new system did not confirm this. This will be re-instated as soon as possible. The Club committed to replacing the ‘Glad all Over’ waiting time music.

The Trust identified that there was considerable concern about the telephone call answering (and efficiency of the ‘call back’ system) and the response to e mails by the Box Office. It was confirmed that at the time of the meeting 3 staff were dedicated to answering the ‘phones and 2 staff to answering e mails. The Club indicated that each telephone call can take 5 – 10 minutes to deal with. Often they received multiple, duplicate e mails which take time to sift through. New systems are proposed to link and combine e mails to save time taken by staff.

Academy Training Ground Developments

It was confirmed that the stand roof was now being worked on. Completion of this would enable supporters to attend matches at the Training Ground.

The new pool building on the site should be complete by April 2023, marking completion of the development (apart from the ‘founders wall’).

Invites to Academy Founder Members to do tours of the Academy would go out soon. There would be an option to go now or wait until all works are completed.

Internal works are now nearing completion on the main training ground so that the changing rooms and restaurant areas reflect and are comparable to the Academy site.

New Stand

The Trust referred to the various documents recently submitted to Croydon Council amending the Planning application for the new stand, and questioning whether a new ‘lobbying’ firm had now been employed. The Club did not wish to confirm details but indicated that they were fully committed to the scheme and matters were moving forward much faster than previously.


The Trust asked about the recent confirmation of the historical development information of the Club and changes to badges etc. Although some evidence for this date existed it did not seem it was universally accepted. The Club were convinced of the validity of the date and the Club historian supported the position. Changes to badges etc. had to go through certain FA procedures and the new badge had done this, so the Club indicated there was FA acceptance of their position.

Womens’ supporters group

The Trust had indicated (a number of months ago) that it had been approached by a group who wished to form a formal group supporting the Women’s team and wished to develop links with the Club. The Trust had immediately passed on details and wondered what had happened to this request. The Club confirmed that contact had been made a day before the meeting and would now be pursued.

Supply of Shirts

Although there was a national issue regarding the supply of replica kits, the Club thought it was well placed to deal with issues compared to some, with the third kit being available by the Montpelier game, the home kit at the Arsenal game and the away kit at the Villa game. By the end of September all the shops should be fully stocked.

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