CPST meeting with the Club 03/11/2022

10th November, 2022



 The club was thanked for its recognition and kind gesture of a gift for Ray Wright, the Trust’s representative at meetings with the club, who has regrettably had to step aside for health reasons.


 The ticketing system since August has been challenging for the box office and there have been queues, pinch points and technical problems with Google, but the situation has settled over the last 3 matches with queues for reprints and at the box office becoming negligible, so overall the position is improving.  Access controllers are present around the ground for those experiencing entry difficulties at the turnstiles.

Ticket transfers to family and friends are generally working well with most online and few through the box office.  Similarly, ticket resales are working well with 500 resales so far.

Touting is an issue with around 200 cases of rejected entry due to touted tickets.  A photo shot can be taken of a bought ticket and the ticket resold 3/4 times, often on foreign websites, with the client reference changed. The original seat ticket purchaser is not the tout.  The box office can provide tout victims with a letter for their credit card company to assist cancellation of the financial transaction, and also to suggest they report the touting to the police or crimestoppers.  The club advises that supporters should use the official CPFC website or official partners providing package deals.

Digital away ticketing trial was undertaken for the Everton match – a digital only section was offered with additional loyalty points to encourage interest – for what it was noted appeared better positioned seats.  A few ineligible purchases were made and were moved to the next block. The club advised the Premier League are keen to progress digital away ticketing and overall, the trial went well.  Digital away ticketing represented a massive saving in staff time from having to fill envelopes with tickets, rather than answering emails, and also reduced postal concerns.

Away seating plans are only provided to the club in the form of Excel spreadsheets with limited information.  Box office staff can only provide this restricted information to supporters on away seating. The club may liaise with the away club around best seats, aisles and step locations for those with accessibility needs.  The club believes digital in time may assist with this lack of information.

Away allocations have been taken in full for Nottingham Forest and West Ham and slightly under – 2300 were taken to Leicester. Full allocations were not taken for Newcastle and Manchester City.  West Ham away tickets had to be sold in set order as prescribed and to prevent unnecessary costs.

Friendlies were referred to by Mark Bright on Palace TV.  The club advised that an announcement was anticipated soon and to watch for news.

Advance notification of fixture changes and the effect of delays on clubs and supporters was raised. The club was asked about its contribution to discussions with the Premier League on these matters.  The club were aware the Football Supporters Association was making representation on the issue.  It was pointed out that for both away supporters and home supporters living at a distance, at a time of economic crisis, this was a serious matter. The club would convey these concerns.


Correspondence received by the club with any points or complaints are referred to the appropriate department for action/response. The supporters post-match survey responses though are collated and a spreadsheet with the feedback sent to each department.

Website information was raised and the provision of timely information such as with Academy match details and proof reading to identify any possible mistakes. The website team provided information once received, any late notification reflecting late changes to arrangements. The club appreciated notification of any errors that may have been made by mistake.

Advertising of events/interest information including the Women’s and Academy matches are covered by a large marketing team which uses a variety of advertising methods including A5 slides, digital and online.  Targeted advertising is undertaken including through the Palace for Life Foundation and educational establishments. Display posters in the shops and other places are not considered appropriate for advertising such events.

Women’s matches – electronic listings of players’ names are provided but without shirt numbers and the women’s ponytails obscure their shirt names. Requested that both names and numbers be given. This would be passed on. Names printed below the shirt number was not a permitted possibility.


 The Main Stand development’s planning permission news was welcomed. However, there was no further information available on the proposed development other than had been publicly announced by the club Chairman and through the media.  Experienced architects and appropriate building construction would be employed in building the stand, taking account of any possible heat energy gains from the glass frontage.  A request was made for the Chairman to keep supporters regularly updated on progress.

A Museum within the new development was being considered as the club was keen to hold stadium tours and to have a museum for supporters to visit and enjoy.

Rest of the Stadium – there are plans for continuing upgrades and improvements which may include solar panels on the stadium roofs.

Queues around the stadium and in the concourses was raised, with a view to preventing blockages and the risk of accidents.  A particular case was by entrances 8/9 where congestion forced those passing onto the stone cobbles.

The control room monitored movements and stewards were briefed and empowered to guide queues.

Players’ autographs/photo opportunities with supporters were welcomed, however the barriers erected for players to walk between were mainly unused as players emerged from various exits, causing supporters to follow them. Players were briefed on the position, but some were engaging with other interests like fanzines.


 Catering supplies had caused difficulties with delays from Europe, but this was no longer an issue. Carlsberg, for instance, is now making sure the club is sufficiently stocked.

Retail merchandise posed a real challenge initially, but stock is now in the shops and sales are going well.

Black Friday event will be held with reductions in prices prior to Christmas.

Women’s Section is to be established in shops with the development of women’s focused products.


Watching Academy matches would be possible when the Academy stand is complete.  It is anticipated this will be soon.

U21 team sheets have not been available for recent matches.  The club will rectify this and ensure sufficient accessible copies.

Academy fees – the club advised that Academy fees were not charged for boys or girls attending Academy sessions.

Tour invitation responses have contained a reference number but without further details.  An email has been established for any queries –  academy.founders@cpfc.co.uk


 The General Manager for the Women’s Game reporting to the club is Leanne Hides who has been in place for 6 weeks and is experienced in operational working. Any queries should be directed to the club and will be passed on.

Palace v Charlton – possible supporter segregation was raised.  The Safety Officers’ Group has concluded that women’s matches do not require segregation especially as away supporter numbers are low and because the matches are well managed.

Flag displays – the club are content for there to be flag displays including at the match against Charlton.  The club was unaware supporters may wish to accompany the flags but is willing to discuss the possibility.

Bromley FC is the current home for CPFC women’s matches, but is not taken as a permanent site, only a hired venue, hence the lack of an approach for a notice board indicating the ground as CPFC women’s home.

Website refers to Women, and not Women’s First Team as with the Men’s First Team. It was pointed out there were women’s academy teams. The club would look again at the reference.


Drugs strategy – the club have been implementing the new police drugs strategy since the beginning of the season and the Palace for Life Foundation has been providing educational programmes for those at risk/using drugs within the community.

Community activity – the club are looking at community initiatives over the Christmas period to help the community,


Chief Executive – there was no indication of an appointment, but such decisions would be for the Chairman Steve Parish.

Glad All Over – the club indicated this would normally be played following a winning match.

November is Men’s Health Month with mental health/suicide being key issues especially for the young.  It was asked whether clubs’ academies and sports science departments contributed to research into such areas, with their monitoring from childhood to adulthood. It was unknown whether this was happening, but it was thought any opportunity to contribute to research would be considered favourably.

Tributes – the club was thanked for its recent tributes to Clive (Sideburns) Waters and Bill Boakes.


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