CPST meeting with CPFC 26 January 2023

11th December, 2022



The club was thanked for the recent tribute and remembrance for those supporters who had passed away over the last year, which was appreciated.


 The ticketing system – there were match day difficulties with access using android phones pre-World Cup, but this had settled down and sales were going well. The earlier time given for those purchasing seats online was because the ticket office had insufficient staff to manage phone and box office attendance. The box office was keen to encourage online take up and would help people get set up.  For 200-300 phone sales there could be thousands of online sales. This would leave staff more time to cover other matters.

Ticket resales – fixture changes, transport strikes and inclement weather prevented some supporters from attending matches. Hence season ticket holders had been selling their seats online. The club preferred that season ticket and ticket holders used the club ticket resale system which has no restrictions on resales.  This helped the club track purchases. The NFC (near-field communication) wireless technology, which allows smart phones and android phones to act as season tickets when held against the turnstiles’ scanners/readers, helped with reducing touting. The link provides instructions for placing season tickets for resale https://www.cpfc.co.uk/tickets/ticket-resale/

Late Arrivals – finding their allocated turnstile entrance closed were not required to attend the box office for a new ticket for an open entrance.  Stewards should be at the entrances until half-time and be able to direct people to an open turnstile, which vary from one match to another.  Otherwise, late arrivals can approach the Information Centre near the Fan Zone at the back of the Main Stand to seek assistance.

Digital ticketing trial was undertaken for the Everton away match and was considered to have worked well.  Further digital ticketing trials are anticipated – for away supporters coming to CPFC.

Away seating plans – it was reported at the last meeting that clubs provide layouts in the form of Excel spreadsheets with limited information, but that clubs can liaise with the away clubs around best seats, aisles and step locations for those with access needs.  It was queried why this information could not be made available to all supporters, particularly as there may be reasons for requiring a particular seat location if available. Since the Excel away layouts often failed to reflect reality on the ground, it was suggested Crystal Palace take a lead through the SLO and in liaison with the SLO network and clubs’ box offices to establish improved away seating layouts and information for all away supporters across the Premier League.  The matter would be raised at the next SLOs’ meeting.

Away allocations have been taken in full except for Manchester United – which has failed to sell out in the last 6 years.  Sales started slowly but the 2,400 allocation has now sold out.

Coaches – a review of seat number ticket allocations on coaches was requested.  The club thought it was always first come first serve, with the coach stewards covering any seating concerns, however this would be considered.

Disability – Rhianna Odartey, from the box office was congratulated on her promotion to Disabled Liaison Officer (DLO).  Pam Groves, the former DLO was now providing support in the box office on match days only.  Liaison around the access and exiting of supporters with disabilities to and from away grounds was raised.  This was especially when coaches were parked away from a dedicated parking area close to away entrances/exits. The club undertook to improve liaison with away clubs to reduce any safety risks to supporters with disabilities or to others.

Women’s Team Season Tickets – were understood to cover both league and cup matches, yet supporters were charged for the FA Cup match against Watford.  The club were unable to confirm – usually Cup matches are purchased separate from league games.  It was possible the season tickets covering both were arranged by the former General Manager for the Women’s team.

Early Season Tickets – the club were considering season ticket prices for next season. It was requested that any increase in charges should be reasonable and not too high.

Waiting List – the Brentford away match was sold out, but the online waiting list for tickets appeared not to be working.  The club would check the position.

Advance notification of fixture changes – the club confirmed it had conveyed concerns about delays in fixture change notifications to the Premier League, following its undertaking at the last meeting.  The recent short notice for the rearranged home match with Manchester United – was decided by the Premier League following consideration of Manchester United’s pending games and dates/time slots available.


Website information – for ease of reference to check across match listings for the different categories of Men’s First Team, Academy Teams and Women’s Team and to highlight overlaps and provide update information on changes it was suggested that a calendar of dates and times with venues might be constructed. This would be raised with the website team.

Women’s matches – electronic listings/information – at the previous meeting it was requested that players’ names and shirt numbers be provided.  This had not happened.. There was also confusion over match dates such as the Watford/Charlton games, timings with the use of BST rather than GMT, and with the lack of venue details.  These points would be referred for attention to the person responsible for the Women’s social media account.

Palace TV Transmission interruptions – these occurred on two occasions – with the tour match in Turkey due to a satellite connection failure and at Dulwich Hamlet when part of a match was lost due to an equipment issue, for which the club apologised.


The Main Stand development – there was no further update to report.

Museum and Archive – further to the Chairman’s pre-Christmas message, internal arrangements for the new stand were still being determined, and a museum/archive would be dependent on the practicalities of available space.  It was commented that walls within the new stand might contribute to museum displays.

Rest of the Stadium – the inclement weather had contributed to the need for repairs – including gutters, tiles, and the Arthur Wait’s facade and toilet roof. These had been repaired or repairs were being undertaken.

Stadium Messaging – the TV screen was not visible in parts of the stadium; the prospect of a second TV screen was raised.  It was suggested that the linear electronic advertising around the pitch might be used for messages.  This would not be possible for complex messaging but a simple message like ‘no trains running’ was feasible.  This would be considered.

Rail Seating – was due to be installed in row 35 at the back of the Lower Holmesdale for a trial period to the end of the season on 30 January 2023.

Stewarding – the number of stewards available for the Manchester United and Newcastle home matches were queried.  Both matches had the right quota of stewards, with more than usual for the Manchester United match, but the stewards were concentrated on the away end. The concerns about away supporters in home stands reflected, to some extent, season ticket holders selling their seats online.

Pitch Incursions – during the home match with Manchester United there were two incursions.  A 17 year old came from a home stand and posed for a selfie with a Manchester United player.  He was arrested and charged by the police and the season ticket holder, who sold the seat, received a club ban. The other incursion was by a young juvenile who has been spoken to by the club, with the parent. This has been treated as a safeguarding matter.  The season ticket holder in this case was a neighbour. Both season ticket holders have been banned from the club for 3 years. The advice to season ticket holders is to use the club’s resale scheme to reduce the risk of a ban.

Stewards’ Positions – at the entrances to the seating areas from the concourses had been previously raised due to restricting the space.  Stewards had been briefed and advised to be mindful of their positioning especially when people would be accessing/exiting through entrances.

Female Toilets – details of the number of female toilets within the stadium was not to hand.  As the club was to host the FA Women’s Continental League Cup Final on Sunday 5th March, the provision of facilities was being considered. The new main stand would allow for a higher number of female toilets.  It was noted that young children, boys, and girls, put additional pressure on the existing female toilets, and they were unable to reach the sinks, taps and soap dispensers.  It was requested that lower level sinks be installed.  This was already the case in some female toilets, but the club would look where this might be possible. The club were considering installing long canal type sinks in the future.

Text Alerts – the text alert number was used by supporters to convey not only safety concerns and issues, but to comment/complain about the food, team, referee and a range of management matters.

Stadium Tours – the tours were going well, providing information and quirky snippets for interest and receiving good feedback.  The Academy Founder members were also to be invited to the Stadium Tours.


Catering supplies – were going well with good lead times and suppliers making sure supplies were there for match days or providing an alternative. Deliveries took place from Monday to Saturday.

Spend – despite the economic crisis there was no discernible drop in spending.  The club had competitive pricing and was holding prices as much as possible, however food costs are increasing and the club was trying not to pass this on to customers.

Post Match Half Price Hot Food – remaining hot food post-match was continuing to be sold at specific food points in the Holmesdale, Arthur Wait, White Horse and Main Stand. There was good uptake.

Food Quality – the chef checks on food quality and suitability.  A variety of vegan pies were tested before Goddard’s pies were chosen.  Commercial businesses make approaches with food offerings which are considered in terms of variety and whether they fit alongside what the club already provides.

Sustainability – it was noted the law on single use plastic comes into effect this year.  The club now have wooden cutlery and use recyclable plastic cups and are fully Government compliant.

Feedback – the club created a variety of foods at the start of the season – with pies and burgers being the most popular. The club are happy to receive feedback on what people like and dislike and any catering suggestions.


Academy completion – the roof of the Academy stand was not complete, hence supporters were unable to attend matches, and the medical rehabilitation centre has yet to be built – builders have indicated late summer.

Team sheets –  had not been available for Academy matches.  It was suggested that Sam Lyall (sam.lyall@cpfc.co.uk) at the Academy be contacted.

Academy Tours – received positive feedback and were going well.


Management of the Women’s Game – further assistance was to be introduced for the management of the women’s game, which the club were keen to support..

Selhurst ParkMatches – flag displays with supporters accompanying them would be permitted and there would be home and away seating blocks with a neutral block between the two.

Hayes Lane Matches – the club would endeavour to better promote the Palace Women’s matches held at Bromley and to look to draw attention to the matches in and around Bromley and the ground.

Match Day Programmes – messages indicated programmes were collectable at the match, but they were not seen.  The club would arrange for these to be made available.

Website – still referred to Women, rather than Women’s First Team.  This was because there was only one women’s team.  The women’s academy players were not recognised as forming teams.


Ownership and Finances –  further to recent news items referring to the club’s ownership, the club was asked about the share breakdown and the status of CPFC under the Eagle Football Holdings, and whether it was deemed a feeder club, and if there was any news expected on transfers with reports of Vieira’s discontent with the lack of progress.  The club was unable to comment.

Statement – Further to the pre-Christmas message from the Chairman it was politely requested that the Chairman be asked to give a further detailed statement related to ownership of the club including:

  • the share ownership breakdown and the holders of the shares in Crystal Palace FC
  • what is the Eagle Football Holdings – its purpose, mission, vision, and who are the major shareholders and how is it controlled for now – and into the future
  • the impact and implications for Crystal Palace FC – and the other associated clubs under the Holdings and their fans and employees
  • the potential risk to Crystal Palace FC

 Congratulations were offered for Phil Alexander becoming CEO at Bristol City, for David Ozoh making his first team debut, and to John Kymani Gordon on his first Carlisle goal shown on TV.

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