Meeting with Club 25th July 2023

22nd December, 2022



 Ticketing system – the transition to the new ticket provider has been smooth and is better for payments. It is easy to move around the site and allows for the purchase of away tickets.  There are a few tiny issues but generally the transition has been good.    

 Ticketmaster Time Limit – there is no time limit on staying on the site but once a seating choice is made and entered in the basket there is a limited time around 15 minutes to make payment. This is to stop seats being effectively held in reserve without payment and so preventing others from choosing them. 

 Season Tickets – electronic season tickets on the NFC system have already been sent.  Any season ticket holder who has not yet received their electronic season ticket should let the club know.  Season ticket cards are being printed by a third party and will be sent to those due to receive a card when ready.  

 Available Seats – there are a few thousand seats for purchase plus hospitality seating at each match.  However, these are expected to sell out, so the club are keen to press their resale platform. 

 Resale Platform – the club are keen to emphasise and promote their resale platform, as a safe method to enable season ticket/ticket holders to sell their tickets to others.  This is particularly important for sell out matches and to prevent disappointment for those wishing to attend.  The club has provided information on using the platform. ( 

 Family/Friendsthe club has asked that supporters wishing to include family and friends add them through the website.  There is the risk that some friends and family may not be recognised.  Some supporters have found names identified as family/friends that they do not know.  It is therefore important that supporters refresh/add current details. A new message will be sent to supporters asking if they agree to the person managing their account. The club are aware of supporters without computers and mobile phones and are reaching out to those with disabilities. 

 Junior Membership – this allows for up to 4 tickets to be purchased. This though depends on the availability of seats at each match.  It was made clear an adult was not able to gain entry through junior membership.  Juniors up to age 14 were required to be accompanied by an adult.  Over 14s could attend unaccompanied. Those below 2 years old were not permitted in the ground.  Tickets for adults may be bought through the 4 tickets allowance, but there was a risk at some matches only one ticket per person would be permitted, so precluding the prospect of an accompanying adult for under 14s gaining entry through the junior membership ticket allowance. 

 Women’s Season Tickets – prices for the women’s season tickets were being finalised and it was expected to be determined soon.  The primary stadiums for the forthcoming season would be Sutton FC and Selhurst Park. A check would be made on whether the season tickets were to include both league and cup matches.  (Since the meeting details have been announced – 

 Ticket Prices – There is a similar increase in ticket prices as for season tickets.  Tickets for the Arsenal match have sold out.  A full list of prices are to be published.  

Friendlies – it was questioned why some home friendlies were held behind closed doors and why venues where supporters could attend were not arranged.  The club were unable to advise on the decisions behind the match arrangements. 

 Digital – the Premier League are pushing to go digital, and some clubs are going fully digital.  A changing bar code is coming in time.  The club does not wish to alienate supporters and plan to stick with present arrangements. 

 Away seating plans – this was raised at the SLO network meeting, but this was felt to be a matter for discussions with ticket offices.  It was notified to the box office manager for consideration on return from leave. 

 Supporters with disabilities – there is a disability liaison officer (DLO) who can be emailed about any accessibility issues.  Supporters are encouraged to advise the club of any disability and associated requirements and access needs.  For people that have not been to Selhurst Park before the DLO can speak with them and suggest suitable seating.  In some cases, the person can be invited to the ground to see what would be most suitable for them. The club are aware that disabilities are not always evident and that not all supporters wish to disclose disabilities.  The club are keen though to support and assist any supporter that may have physical or sensory disabilities.  There is an accessibility button on the website and the DLO can be contacted.   

 The same approach applies to supporters with disabilities of the away team.  Ahead of time the club speak to the opposition club.  For Palace supporters travelling a list of the most ideal seating and any easy access requirements and needs are forwarded in advance to the opposition club.  The majority of those travelling have been doing so for some time and away clubs are aware of their needs.  There is much sharing of information between clubs to provide the best situation.      

 Coach – there appeared to be no seat allocation for those booking coach travel so enabling people travelling alone to occupy window seats and precluding those travelling with others from sitting together. Travelling supporters were allocated to a particular coach and a steward was responsible on each coach for checking their presence on board.  The club accepted that it needed to look at the role of the stewards and the seating situation and that more could possibly be done so people wishing to sit together can do so. 

 West Ham Match – what happened pre-match when supporters were unable to enter through the turnstiles was a frightening experience for many.  This was a learning curve for all. Back-up systems failed due to a problem with the server. More measures have been put in place as a contingency. 

 Additional loud hailers have been purchased – increasing the number threefold 

  • Improvements to outside PA speakers – there are 2 PA systems in the ground.  Three stands’ PAs worked fine although there were some interference issues but not the Park Road PA which is on an old system. 

Steps are being taken to link the old system to the main PA system.  The PA system is regularly tested.  The licence to admit spectators requires confirmation that the PA works.  The club have looked in depth at the PA system and made sure minor faults are repaired. 

  • Stewards – a limited number of senior stewards have radios and are expected to communicate with their teams.  All stewards are NVQ trained and receive ongoing training, however they are employed on a fortnightly basis and are not always available for training. 
  • Clickers – have never been used before to enter the stadium, but the club have obtained them and provided a different colour code for each stand, so they are in place if failures happen again.  

 The Holmesdale Road – the mood appeared different from Park Road – the police, council and club adjudged there was no pushing and the crowd seemed to be OK, although communications could have been better.  A number of upset supporters had contacted the club but, when spoken to, acknowledged the steps taken by the club were the best possible for the safety of supporters.  

 There is a contingency plan which must be signed off by the Council and emergency services.  It is an 80 page document with all possible failures and how they might be addressed. 

 Premier League/Broadcasters – requested that the club press them to arrange appropriate televising times for matches that consider supporters, their travel situations and are notified in good time.  The club advised it was supportive of positive change. 


 Website – there had been no further development in creating a running calendar of fixtures and events.  This would be followed up with the website team. 

 Programmes – there was a good response to the survey on the programme’s content and the club are speaking to contributors.  If supporters have ideas for the programme through the season they can email Will Robinson, the programme editor. 

 The programe price would remain at £3.50.  The website article advertising pre-match delivery of programmes with a £10 discount for £85 suggested the programme price was around £5 each.  This was incorrect and the article would have to be altered. 

 Palace TV pricing– both for the Palace TV and season ticket plus there are no concessions for seniors.  This is because the product is purchased so it is the same for everyone.  However, the club take on board the situation for seniors.  A different package is offered for children so the club can look at concessions for next season’s pricing. 

 Palace TV/devices – it was queried whether there were any restrictions on the number of devices on which Palace TV could be shown.  There were no restrictions, just a case of logging in on whatever device was being used. 

 Palace TV payment – automatic payment renewals taken from accounts had been experienced without notification.  There was a note received when originally applying for Palace TV indicating automatic renewal unless the opt out was ticked.  The club accepted it should send out a message advising in advance it would be undertaking automatic renewal. It also considered it should check other areas where there are automatic renewals and opt outs. 


 The Main Stand development – it was hoped to start work next summer.  The club was unable to comment on whether the finances were in place for the development, but the chairman was set on it going forward and there was much preparatory work being undertaken. 

 Rest of the Stadium – the toilets in the Arthur Wait Stand have been repaired, although there have been some structural issues.  There have also been changes to the sinks in the Arthur Wait.  Repairs and updating around the ground, including improvements to the PA in the Holmesdale stand, have been undertaken.. 

 Rail Seating – had been installed in row 35 at the back of the Lower Holmesdale for a trial period to the end of the season.  The possibility of introducing further rows remains under consideration.    

 Women’s Matches – asked if the club was keen on hosting Women’s major matches in future whether there were proposals for improvements in and outside the stadium in the light of the problems at the Arsenal v Chelsea Cup match.  If a match is proposed, this will be viewed across departments and consideration given to timing, travel and facilities and games may be dealt with differently. A high ratio of women and children poses issues on toilet facilities. In the stands the club would look to home, away, neutral segregation, but outside of the stadium is challenging. Before agreeing a match, the club would consider how this might be improved. 

 Selhurst Park – next year is the centenary anniversary of the club moving to Selhurst Park stadium, which should be celebrated.  The club would keep supporters infomed of what was proposed to mark the centenary. It was suggested that there be a centenary exhibition, which would also be informative for a new generation. 


 Season’s Kits – queried what happened to the red/blue stripes.  The home kit was a different design for this season and seemed to be popular as people were purchasing the shirts.  The away kit was blue/white and lacked any red, and it had been commented on as Manchester City or even Brighton colours.  It was not clear that the away kit might be linked to the club’s historic colours associated with 1861.  (Since the meeting the club have announced a new third kit ) 

Sponsorship – it was noted Aston Villa supporters objected to gambling advertising on their club’s kits and that the Premier League had restricted gambling sponsorship from 2026.  It was queried whether the club had a policy for seeking future sponsors that would be acceptable and non-offensive to supporters.  This was particularly the case as shirts not only showed support for the club, but also made supporters human billboards for the sponsor brand.   Sponsorship was covered by Robin Campbell and Barry Webber.  It was suggested this be addressed in an email. 

Shops – queried whether attention was being drawn to the Croydon and Bromley shops and whether a shop would be opened in Sutton. The shops were being frequented and it was suggested a pop-up shop would be opened on match days at Sutton FC. 

Food/Drink prices – discussions are ongoing with suppliers and once these are concluded prices for food and drink items would be determined. 


Academy completion – is now expected to be completed around mid-October, 

Academy Matches – would be held at Selhurst Park and the Academy.  FA Youth Cup matches would have to be held at Selhurst Park.  The fixtures from the Premier League for U/18s and U/23s would be out next week.  The new system for fixtures may need to be better explained for the benefit of supporters.  (Since the meeting the U/18 fixtures have been announced – and U/21s 

Academy Team Sheets – would be made available for Academy team matches where the public attended. Carl Eccleston was responsible for team sheets. 



General Manager – welcome to Grace Williams, the new General Manager for the Women’s Team. She will run the women’s team and be responsible for the associated business and report to the club’s Chairman. 

New Coach – welcome also to Laura Kaminska who was appointed to the vacant post and will report to Grace Williams.  

New Venue – Sutton FC has been announced as the new home of CPFC Women, although some matches will be held at Selhurst Park. 

  • Advertising Sutton venue – the marketing team will use social media and other advertising methods, including leafleting the local area. 
  • Match times – the club have priority with timings at Sutton FC and are not restricted or subject to changing times as at Bromley FC.  (Since the meeting fixtures have been announced – 
  • Noticeboard – the club are looking to have signage at Sutton FC’s entrance to signify this is the home of CPFC Women, 
  • Supporters flags – the club are working with flag holders to enable the display of flags. 

Merchandise – the club will look to see if there is any interest in a range of CPFCW branded products. 

Programmes – will be produced for the women’s matches at Sutton FC 

New Facilities – the club indicated a new stadium would be sought for Women’s and Academy matches.  At present the club are investing in Sutton FC stadium which may also be used for Academy matches. 

Professional Status – Karen Carney’s recent report on the Women’s game recommended that the WSL and Championship should be full-time professional teams.  The club confirmed that the women’s team players are employed on full-time professional terms. 

Research – the Carney report prompted discussion on the physical and health factors of women that may differ from men, and impact on performance such as footwear. The club was asked to take a lead, especially as it is represented on a Women’s FA Committee, in pressing fellow PL clubs, the FA and sponsors to take forward research and work to improve conditions for women players.   New technology and anything to make conditions better for the women’s game the club would wish to support.  The club have a good women’s team and Grace Williams is motivated and the Chairman is set to get the women’s team to the best it can be.  The club would look to the best opportunities, led by the Chairman, to make improvements to the women’s game.  



Multi-club ownership – the Chairman recently kindly addressed the issue of the club’s ownership. However, as well as John Textor’s interests in four known clubs, it is now apparent David Blitzer’s Global Football Holdings has interests in at least six European clubs as well as Salt Lake City in the US.  The concern for all supporters of multi-ownership clubs is with the position and commitment to their particular club – so what does it mean for Crystal Palace and future progress.  The club was unable to comment – it was a matter that would need to be addressed to the Chairman. 


 Top Ten – Announcements suggest that the club aim to finish the season in a top 10 place.  On the operations side the aim would be to make the stadium the best it can be and comfortable for playing.  Everyone would be doing their best to support the process. 


 Chief Executive Officer – there are no plans as yet to appoint a CEO.  The club have people covering main areas of business, that provide briefings for Board meetings. The Chairman is very much across the business of the club, including enquiring about supporters’ views.  


 Fan Engagement Standard – The club has been working on its plan for the Fans’ Advisory Board, which would include the main representative groups and elections for those nominating themselves as representatives. The club hoped to have a written plan in the next 2 weeks.  (The initial announcement – 




 Welcome – as well as welcomes for Grace Williams and Laura Kaminska, welcome was also extended to Jefferson Lerma. 

 Thanks – conveyed for Wilfred Zaha for his service to the club and for the thrills and excitement he has given to fans over the years. He is wished the best for the future. 













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