CPST meeting with the Club 10th October 2023

30th December, 2022



Ticketing system – this is gradually settling in. There were a good number of people sharing tickets. For the Nottingham Forest match 300 people shared tickets with those they knew or with others through the ticket resale. There was also 150 ticket upgrades from senior to adult.

Resale Platform – There are still around 2000 people not attending matches. The club are keen to encourage the use of the resale platform as previously noted. This is seen as good for new fans to be introduced to the club. The transactions can be done completely online without the need to go to the box office. The club are going to persist in plugging the resale platform. The club have provided information on using the platform. (https://www.cpfc.co.uk/tickets/ticket-resale/)

Digital Ticketing – all clubs are moving to digital ticketing. The club are trying to move all ticket holders over to NFC, even those that have a card. It is trying to assist and work with around 1500 supporters to transfer over. The point was made that supporters needed to be prepared with their mobile digital tickets when approaching the turnstiles to save delay entering. There was also an online video on looking after the digital ticket on the mobile phone.

The club are looking at other forms of technology to get people into the stadium easier such as bar codes so google/apple pay do not need to be used. The club hope to have trials at the end of the year. There would still have to be other avenues for those without mobile phones. The club confirmed there was no intention of preventing supporters from attending matches. Most calls to the box office were about tickets not received through the post – the box office can arrange an email for downloading if the facility is available.

Manchester United – tickets for the match were initially advised as being all digital, but latterly added that tickets would be available. The club only had 20 requests for paper tickets.

Ticket failure – the position of digital or paper tickets failing at the turnstile was raised. At Selhurst Park there were box office points around the ground and help available on match days. At away matches where supporters may feel unsure/isolated, there were 6 Palace stewards that supporters could turn to and the away club would have details of seats purchased. Supporters however would need to have some form of identification.

Ticket master – it was queried whether there was a waiting list. This existed, but the club were still continuing to figure out how to cover away listings.

Members’ and Season Ticket Plus Ballots – the numbers available depended on the allocation. Where the allocation was around 3000 it would be 50, so for Burnley it would be 50, but for Luton, possibly 10.

Away Allocations – full allocations have not been taken for all away matches. This included the Manchester United matches due to the rail strike. The club were in the position of having to refund tickets and then resell because of the strike. The club have sold out the allocation for Newcastle. It has never sold more than 1800. If the club took another 500 allocation it would be unlikely to sell all the tickets and be financially penalised.

Newcastle Match – although Newcastle had been requested to reconfigure their away end, this appeared to have gone by the wayside. The away end is in the top tier with limited lift capacity and many flights of stairs. The club was therefore requested when providing information about the match to include a ‘health warning’ for any who may have breathing or health conditions affected by exertion.

Coaches – it was noted the news information for away matches referred to there being one coach, although on the online booking there appears more than one. There is in fact three coaches allocated for matches and the number adjusted according to the tickets sold. The club would check the information provided and arrange for any amendment to be made.

Away seating plans – there was still very limited information available. Away clubs only notify blocked off accessible seats, advised to help those with accessibility needs.


Website – progress on creating a running calendar of fixtures and events was queried. This would be followed up with the website team.

Programmes – the non-receipt of programmes posted prior to the match was raised. Content for the programmes continues to be written to the latter end of the week when due and is only received in the printed form by the club on the day of the match. Programmes would therefore be posted out post match.

Gambling Adverts – were highlighted in the ground. It was asked whether any communications were proposed to warn of the risks and promote managing ones gambling. The club would look to provide messaging on these areas.

U21 Match – the match against Birmingham was due to be televised, but was changed late on, but this was not publicised. The club accepted the change should have been notified and would try to ensure this did not happen again.

Manager’s Press Conference – it was noted in recordings the manager’s responses to questions could be heard, but it was difficult to hear the questions. The club were aware of the difficulty and were looking to see how this might be improved – it was possible there was a need for more microphones.


The Main Stand development – there was no further update, the plan was still to start next summer.

LED Lighting – the club was pleased with the LED advertising lighting around the stadium. Checks had been made on the the number of flashes and the club confirmed their was no risk. No complaints had been received and the players had not mentioned being distracted by the lighting. For the light show the club had advised those affected by flashing lights that they might wish to leave the stadium for the duration. The club expects to have a further light show in the near future.

Flares – these appeared in the Arsenal match and it was unclear whether it was linked to the club’s display. This was not the case and the club addressed the flare situation and those responsible.

Rail Seating – had been installed in row 35 at the back of the Lower Holmesdale for a trial period to the end of the season, which remains in place. There was no update on whether further rows were to be introduced.

Stewards – it was queried whether agency stewards were aware of the location of defibrillators. The stewards had handbooks and notes where defibrillators were held. There were also medical staff around the ground who were aware of their location and some would be carrying defibrillators as part of their equipment.

Queues – asked whether stewards were trained to manage queues and intervene to direct their course. The club would look to improve this aspect and monitor the situation.

Young Children – U/2s were not permitted admittance without permission. A report was being undertaken to include the suitability of stadiums in relation to young children. Peter Kay the PL’s Head of Stadia and Infrastructure was involved. The club had not yet been approached by him about the matter, although there was regular contact on other issues.


Retro Shirts – it was noted that the Retro shirts for sale showed the names of former sponsors. It was queried whether the use of the names had any consequence. The club confirmed it was permitted to use the names and there would be no legal concerns.

Sutton – a pop up shop had been set up by the club, but had taken few sales.

Women Merchandise. – the club were looking at women’s ranges and what might be suitable.

Food – the guides for supporters refers under Vegan and Gluten food options to Chicken Tikka Masala Curry. The club would check the reference and whether it should be removed.


Academy completion – there were further delays due to a hold up in the supply of structural steel. The contractors were being pressed and were pushing on as the delay incurs penalties. Completion is now anticipated in early 2024.

Academy Matches – there was a limited number of matches to be held at Sutton (12) and if not Selhurst it was asked whether there was provision to watch elsewhere. The club were keen for matches to have spectators. It was feasible that with the roof in place, spectators would be possible at the Academy.

U21 Matches at Sutton – the club stated that all tickets sold were unallocated.

Player Development – recently the media had featured sporting personalities including footballers who had gained notoriety for the wrong reasons. Queried whether players coming through the Academy as part of their development were aware of being role models. Their development included this recognition, supported by outside speakers from the police and other organisations. The club also had a safeguarding responsibility and discussed safety issues. The players were very respectful and appreciative of what they have.


General Manager – now that Grace Williams was in place, it was asked whether she would be willing to meet with supporters. It was thought she would be open to speaking with supporters.

Promoting Strategy – the club were going to start a Women’s Academy and had hired a marketing person to promote the women’s game. A team was being built around Grace to take forward and raise interest in women’s football. The Chairman was very committed to creating a great team.

Selhurst Park – the Women’s team will play Southampton at the ground on Sunday 19 November 2023. The club are keen to encourage as many people as possible to attend.

Sutton Ground – the club have displayed Crystal Palace as far as possible at the ground, but will be looking to do some tidying up work too.

Travel – noted that when West Sutton station was closed Sutton was not the easiest ground to reach,. Requested that the club might provide alternative travel information to reach the ground.

Women’s World Cup – asked what the club was doing to draw on the success of the Lionesses. The club had door to door leafleted in the Sutton area, been around schools and created special ticketing deals.


FAB Plans – There were 211 applicants for the various categories for election. The Football Supporters’ Association conducted a sift of the applications and referred the selected number back to the club, which in turned checked the names against information held by the club. A number of those selected might fall into more than one category. The club will decide on the category and check with the person concerned that they are content with the category chosen for them. The club expect to have the final shortlist by the end of the week. The election will then be conducted on the website, with pictures of the candidates being shown, and supporters being able to select who they wish to represent them. How those elected are going to communicate with their category of supporters may have to be discussed at the first meeting.

Meetings – how the meetings were conducted was to be decided. Sharon Lacey, the Chief Operating Office, would chair the meetings and it was expected there would be a vice Chair selected. The first meeting would be announced once the finalists had been determined.

Reporting – the club has to make an annual statement, and would produce post meeting notes.

Finance – in the terms of reference mention is made of excluding from discussion

on pitch, financials or other ‘football’ related matters. It was unclear whether the financials was related to the football ie transfer amounts or more general finance.

Clubs were shying away from discussing finances, although it was believed this was intended to be part of the Fans’ Engagement. The Chief Financial Officer would be at the FAB meetings so questions could be put to him.


Multi-club ownership – the issue was raised and the impact on clubs and supporters when owners have interests in a number of clubs. This matter would need to be referred to the Chairman.

Water/Hydration – travellers were encouraged to carry a bottle of water, but bottles were prohibited by most clubs. Climate change and the risk of dehydration was a concern. It was asked whether PL clubs had discussed any means acceptable to carry water. The club would use its discretion to allow bottles into the stadium provided they were not of a metal type or size to cause harm. It was a balance of risk, but was seen as using commonsense.


All the players on international duty were wished well, and a swift recovery wished to all those on the injury list.

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