The Trust

Who we are

Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust is a membership organisation set up in 2000 to develop and strengthen the bond between Crystal Palace Football Club, its supporters and the local community.

Our History
Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust was founded by fans in 2000, when the Club first went into administration, with a view to raising sufficient funds to purchase a stake in the Club on behalf of fans…
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Objects of the Trust
To develop and strengthen the bonds between Crystal Palace Football Club and the local community…
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How the Trust works
The Trust is an open, democratic organisation. Its decision-making structures are clear and transparent. The Annual General Meeting is the sovereign body of the Trust…
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What we do

The purpose of a supporters’ trust is to establish a strong, positive working relationship with the owners of its football club, with a view to supporter input. This can be through a range of means including ownership of shares in the club, but in general means a meaningful working relationship, through forums, consultations and regular dialogue.
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Read about our relationship with the wider football community
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Read about who’s on the Trust board and what they do

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