Crystal Palace FC Youth Trust

The Crystal Palace FC Youth Trust is a small registered charity set up in 1994 by former directors of Crystal Palace FC. It was based on a model pioneered by Surrey County Cricket Club and its main object is to encourage sporting activity among young people in the local area. The charity had become inactive until it was re-launched by CPST a few years ago. (It should be noted that the Youth Trust and CPST are separate organisations but have common trustees/directors. The Youth Trust has its own funds independent of CPST).

 The charity has several grants available. While not limited to football, the intention is to prioritise grants that encourage participation and development in football. A typical grant would be between £50 (e.g. to help a disadvantaged youngster get kit he/she couldn’t otherwise afford) up to around £400 (e.g. to help sponsor a youth tournament, local league or the development of a new team).

 The Youth Trust currently runs an annual football project in Selsdon during the school summer holidays and has, in the past organised a project in Selhurst. It is our intention to develop similar projects within the local area in the future. We work closely with local councillors and key community figures in identifying areas that might benefit from such projects.

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