How the Trust works

The Trust is an open, democratic organisation. Its decision-making structures are clear and transparent. The Annual General Meeting is the sovereign body of the Trust. Here, all paid up members have the opportunity to attend, and to make proposals in relation to the policies and activities of the Trust. The AGM also elects members to the Trust’s Board. Up to 15 people can be elected to the Board, and each Board member serves for a period of 3 years. This ensures stability, as elections only take place for up to 1/3 of the Board in any one year. The Board are also permitted to make co-options, to ensure that there are people relevant skills and expertise.

Between AGMs, the Board is responsible for the strategic direction and activities of the Trust, but reports back to the membership on a regular basis, by means of e-newsletters, printed bulletins, web postings and meetings (formal and informal) held during the course of the year.

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